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Quick Facts About

Founded by: Phil Knight & Headquarters: Washington County, Oregon, USA Key People : Phil Knight Chairman Bill Bowerman

Mark Parker President & CEO

Quick Facts About


1964 Started as Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS), initially operated as distributor for Japanese shoe maker Onitsuka Tiger now known as ASICS 1966 opened its first retail store in California 1971 introduced the brand with Swoosh logo designed by Carolyn Davidson 1980 attained 50% market share in US, the company went public in December that year 1988 introduced the now famous slogan Just do it for Nike Ad Campaign

Acquisitions by
1988 1994 2002 2003 2004 COLE HAAN (fashion brand) BAUER (ice hockey equipments) HURLEY (Clothing Company) CONVERSE (Shoe Company) STARTER (Sportswear)

2008 -

UMBRO (Football equipments)

Affiliate Brands

Nike Revenue Statistics for FY08

Total Revenue $ 18.6 Billion $16 billion (86%) $2.6 billion (14%)
Revenue Break-Up

Footwear Apparels Equipments

61% 33% 7%

Nike Sales & Market Share 2008

$ 12.7 Billion
Sales Break-Up OF SALES IN


Nike Sales & Market Share 2008 Contd

Global Athletic Footwear Market Share

36 % Market share for NIKE than its prime competitor ADIDAS with only 22% market share

Nike Production Facts

Footwear sourcing of Nike 50 Factories in China, Vietnam, Indonesia & Thailand

Apparel & Equipment Sourcing of Nike 700 Factories/800,000 workers/52 Countries Green House Gas Emission/ Carbon Footprint

25% GHG Emission 59% GHG Emission


Nike Labor Crisis

Nikes Contract factories subjected to : - Unjust & illegal pay practice - Forced overtime - Verbal & physical abuse - Sexual harassment - Interference with unionization - Excessive toxic chemical exposure

NIKE Considered: Getting Traction on Sustainability

Rebecca Henderson Richard M Locke Christopher Lyddy Cate Reavis

Environmental Programs by Nike Staff

1990 replace GHG from their flagship Nike Air System with climate neutral, developed water based cements to replace toxic solvents called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) 2000 introduced company wide training on product sustainability 2005 released a small line of sustainable shoe called Considered The name came from the team considering what was right and doing what was right

Sustainability through CR
- Strategic approach to Corporate Responsibility (CR) emphasized Value Creation, Collaboration with Biz Units & Proactive Strategic planning - Institutionalize CR into DNA of the company - Organizing CR around Return on Investment Corporate Responsibility is no longer a staff function at Nike, Its a Design function, a Sourcing function, a Consumer Experience function, part of how we operate. Nike CEO Mark Parker

Hannah Jones VP- Corporate Responsibility

The Considered Group

- Started in 2005 by Mark Parker, Hannah Jones & John Hoke as a way to diffuse the considered ethos of high-performing, aesthetically pleasing greener products - Think tank, tool box, internal consultancy, competitive catalyst - Objective was to choose over the impact of design of a product through its PLC - Understand & reduce their environmental footprint

Considered's Implementation Challenge

Performance & Aesthetics Design Time Profit Margin Supply Chain Partners Consumers Response from Employees

Competitors Play
2007 introduced Green Index a rating system that showed customers how the product they bought affected environment 2007 introduced BioMoGo worlds first fully biodegradable foam for footwear 2008 introduced eco-oriented non-performance shoes & shirts Grun

Just Doing It Right

How did Nike Just Do It ?

Considered the Product Design Considered the Logistics Considered the Source of Materials Considered the People (Consumers & Employees) - Considered the Environment

NIKE have done what they could do for the planet, now its OUR turn to JUST DO IT right Thank You