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Six Tasks

Two Independent Four Integrated

Twenty Minutes

General Speaking Strategies

Speak from Notes
Organize your Speech as a Paragraph Use Familiar Vocabulary in Simple Sentences Use Cohesive Devices: Pronouns, Transitions Be Concise Do Not Use Slang

Take Notes in Fragments and Symbols
Paraphrase while Taking Notes

Read & Listen for Main Idea & Key Points

Task One: Independent Description

Describe a Person, Place, Thing, or an Event
Focus & Identify a Specific Noun

Organize your Ideas before you Speak

Use Concrete Details, Five Senses, & Actions Use Metaphors & Similes

Task 2: Independent Opinion

Be Familiar with Possible Topics
Give a Clear, Definite Opinion

Use Recognizable Language of Opinion

Defend your Opinion Logically & Objectively

Task 3: Reading & Conversation

45 Seconds to Read School Notice/Take Notes
Listen to a Conversation, Take 30 Seconds to Organize Answer, & 60 Seconds to Speak Take Notes on Just Key Points of Notice Put Notes on Speakers in Separate Columns Focus on Speakers Opinion, not the Notice Use Reported Speech Do Not Give Personal Opinion

Task 4: Academic Reading & Lecture

Focus on Main Concept & any Definition
Pay Attention to Comparison & Contrast Take Notes on the Reading Listen for Related Vocabulary in Lecture Vary your Expressions

Use Present Tense for Facts

Conversation & Opinion Integrated

Conversation between Two Students
Summarize Problem, Options, & Final Decision Give your Opinion of the Students Choices

20 Seconds to Organize, 60 Seconds to Speak

Write Notes in Fragments for Each Speaker Focus on the Speaker with the Problem

Form Opinion Quickly & Express Own Ideas

Task 6: Lecture
Summarize an Academic Lecture
20 Seconds to Organize & 60 to Speak

Listen Actively: Think about what you Hear

Take Notes on Main Idea, Purpose, Key Points Organize your Summary as a Paragraph