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Course Description:

Theories and principles utilized by the nurse to function independently and in collaboration with others in varied health care settings. It focuses on the development of skills in management, leadership and interpersonal relationships. The ethico legal, spiritual and cultural aspects of nursing practice and the responsibilities of the nurse for personal and professional growth are emphasized. Placement: Fourth year 2nd semester Units: 16 units 8 lecture / 8 laboratory Pre requisite: NCM 104

Leadership and Management in Nursing Concept of Leadership Nursing Management Community Health Nursing Practice Utilizing COPAR Career Planning Issues, Concerns and Future Directions of Nursing Professional and Personal Development Ethico Moral Aspects of Nursing Legal Aspects of Nursing Core Competencies in Nursing Practice

Unit I Leadership and Management in Nursing

Concept and Leadership Definition of Leadership Theories of Leadership, Traits, Behavioral, Situational, Motivational, Interactional Type of Leadership: Autocratic, Democratic, Bureaucratic and Laissez Faire Components of Effective Le( Leadership grid ) Servant Leadership Filipino Styles of Leadership

Management Management theories

Scientific Bureaucratic Human Relation Theory x y Theory z

Principles of Management
Unity of Command Proper channel of communication

Division of Labor
Span of Control Esprit and Corp

Nursing Management Definition of Nursing Management Levels of Skills Management

Conceptual Interpersonal Technical

Management functions of the nurse


Principles Characteristics Barriers Elements / Components

Vision Mission Philosophy Setting goals / objectives Standards / Concerns, functions, sources, elements


Organizing concepts and principles The organogram organizational chart Importance Organizational relationship ( line and staff ) Types of organization ( Hierarchical, dual, pyramid centralization vs. decentralization ) Staffing Methods Needs and Scheduling Types of Patient Assignment ( case, primary functional , team case management.


Principles Communication Management

Upward Downward Lateral

Delegation concepts and principles process Problem solving / decision making / making methods process Management conflict

Causes Nature / types Conflict / resolution


Principles Performance Appraisal - Principles Process Discipline Principles Process Nursing Audit Principles Process Management labor relations

Definition Collective bargaining agreement, lock out and its implication to nursing Documentation in nursing ( uses system, charting ) Implication to nursing education and practice

Computer and Information Management

Current Issues and Trends in Nursing Management

Community Health Nursing Practice Utilizing COPAR

Situation analysis of the Philippines Health Situation

in terms of Populations The health resource developmental program ( nature, levels, programs, objectives and planned outputs COPAR as strategy in HRDP / community immersion. Review objectives / principles of CO & PAR phases of COPAR process

Career Planning
License to practice
1.1.Definition of license, registration

License Board Revocation / suspension of certification Career pathing Employment benefits and requirements
Personal policies Salaries, benefits choosing, retaining, resigning, dismissal from a position Self evaluation when selecting job Useful pointers in constructing a letter of application, submitting to a personal interview Continuing personnel evaluation

Personal Image Building Membership in Professional Organization

Issues, Concerns and Future Directions of Nursing

Self Governance
Independent nursing practice / specialization Evidence based practice Entrepreneurship Globalization Transcultural Nursing

UNIT II Professional and Personal Development

Ethico Moral Aspects of Nursing
Review of ethico moral principles Definition of nursing ethics , code of ethics of nurses Patients Bill of rights

Legal Aspect of Nursing Practice ( Jurisprudence )

The Philippine Nursing Law, History of PNL, RA 9173

Implementing Guidelines Laws Governing the practice of Nursing, Nursing Practice Acts of other profession

RA 9173 Magna Carta for Public health workers

Legal liabilities of nursing ( Negligence, Malpractice, Fort, Crimes ) Legal safeguards, written consent, incident reports, contracts, nurses and wills. Legal problems in nursing practice Other Laws
Clean Air Act Waste Management Family Code Local Government Code Dangerous Drug Act

Generic Act National

Health Insurance Breast Feeding


Safe Quality Nursing Care Management of Resources and Environment Health Education Legal Responsibility Ethico Moral Responsibility Personal and Professional Development Quality improvement Records Management Communication Collaboration and Team work