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About Computer Graphics

About openGL Introduction Working principle Design and Implementation Conclusion & Future scope References

To demonstrate the simulation of water ripples on surface by using open-GL APIs.

About Computer Graphics

A powerful tool for the rapid and economical

production of pictures.
Is a generalized tool for drawing and creating

Simulate the real world situations within a small

computer window.

About openGL
OpenGL is a device and operating system

independent library for 3D-graphics and rendering. OpenGL is a standard specification defining a cross-language, cross-platform API. The interface consists of many different function calls which can be used for building application programs. OpenGL is portable to many platforms and callable from many programming languages.

To develop a graphics package that utilizes the features of the computer graphics.

The main objective this project is to graphically illustrate the simulation of water ripples on surface.

Working principle
We need 2 arrays of words (integers). That is ,

words, not bytes. These arrays will hold the state of the water. One holds the current state, the other holds the state from the previous frame. It is important that we have 2 arrays, since we need to know how the water has changed since the last frame, and the frame before that.

Cont working

Cont Working
Data from the previous frame (Buffer2) and the frame before that (Buffer1) are used together, and the results written into Buffer1.Buffer1 contains the current state of the water.

Data from the previous frame (Buffer1) and the frame before that (Buffer2) are used together, and the results written into Buffer2. Buffer2 contains the current state of the water.

Cont Working

Design and Implementation

Built-in library functions :
glViewport(0, 0, width, height); glMatrixMode(GL_PROJECTION); glLoadIdentity();

gluPerspective(40.0, (GLfloat) w/(GLfloat) h, 1.0, 2000.0);

glMatrixMode(GL_MODELVIEW); glLoadIdentity ();


User defined functions:


exit(int code)
idle(void) motion(int x,int y)


Cont Snapshots

Conclusion & Future scope

The very purpose of developing this project is

to exploit the strength of OpenGL graphics capabilities and to implement the concepts of simulations of water ripples on surface of water.
This package can be made more effectively

for operators used in many computer languages like C, C++, etc, and can be made 3D.

Edward Angel Interactive Computer Graphics- A

Top Down Approach Using OpenGL, Addision Wesley Publications 5th Edition in C-2009
The Official Reference Document for OpenGL

Addison-Wesley Publishing Company