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Future World Tourism Policy Issues

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High quality tourism experiences

Variety products

Clean and healthy environment

TODAYS TRAVELLERS DEMAND Tourism Policy Issue Issue FUTURE WORLD TOURISM Issue Private and public expextations Issue Issue



Safety and Security

Crime and terrorism US 911 Tragedy galvanize many nations to act together Data and research on tourism support the adage, When peace prevails, tourism flourishes. 1970-2006, 264 attacks in 42 nations

Tourism Safety Communication Strategy by National Tourism Safety Networks, South African Government Important items in a destinations security strategy adapted from Dr. Peter Tarlow proposal:







Destinations and attractions must compete on their readiness to keep visitors safe and secure. Those destinations that provide sound security coupled with quality customer service will prosper. The lack of a comprehensive approach will create a false sense of security. eg. Gas masks for hotel guests may give false hopes of poisonous water All members of the local tourism system should be included when developing a comprehensive tourism strategy. Media coverage of a local incident can spread the negative public relations effects to the entire continent. The safety development needs of all components of the visitor experience, including transportation infrastructure, accommodations, highway rest areas, food sources,, should be assessed. Establish a place for visitors to turn to, if a terrorist attack were to occur, and openly communicate the location and purpose of the center in advance of any threats}

The Impact of The Worlds Economy

If the economies of the five most populous countries (China, India, US, Indonesia, Brazil) improve, global tourism will grow Tourism is often the first, second, or third largest industry in many countries and nations.

Impact of tourism to worlds economy

UNWTO recommendations:

Global tourism growth is expected to rise 4% (UNWTO, 2

January 2007)

to the worlds poorest countries to advance economic well being, social development, and mutual understanding International Development Agencies the World Bank Group, the Regional Development Banks, and National Aid Agencies, to place tourism amongst their priorities for infrastructure and entrepreneurial support

If other regional organizations will put economic development through tourism as a high priority, many countries economies will be strengthened

Managing sustainable tourism

Interest of sustainable tourism: More book produced related to sustainable tourism Dozen of conferences across the globe each year


acts e

deve to

l inab a sust lo p

m uris e to


Country level

Local level

Destination 2006 summit. Encourage to build good neighbor

many guidelines and directions from UNWTO

some private sector organizations have outlined effective strategies for sustainable tourism

made sustainable tourism as major part

Tourism policy and strategic planning

Future Development of Tourism POLICY plan



P ol i pla cy an GLOBAL nni d ng

(Tourism Principles, Practices, Philosophies 10th edition)

Good policy and sound planning need to be conducted to ensure that a destination will be both competitive and sustainable.

Utilizing e-commerce tools

Tourism is an experience (products+services), the multimedia attributes can be effectively applied to increase destination attractiveness >50% of travelers in US use the internet in planning their travel and vacations Higher tourism traffic on the destination that have a good website

marketin g Case: King Hotel, Cairo The money invested in internet marketing Commercial for tourism also 55 million blogs on the was recovered within 3 weeks internet (2006) can be downloaded Strength: Global information diffusion, visibility generation, increasing Many US 12 million bloggers from destinations providing to customers, ability to responsiveness build alone downloadable narrative a community of customers, cost reductions and improved profitability The power of word-oftours The use of cookies in computer to target ads mouth informationhttp://journeypod.com based on users interests The possibilities toexample of podcast site advertise, hosting who read positively about travel, making blog to promote the destination Weblogs Podcast

Tourism education and training

Innovations from universities Business enterprise+education institutions colaboration. Ex: BEST EN

Free exchange of information, values, ideas, build a sustainable global stability

Research sessions: identify knowledge gaps in the multiple sectors

Emerging tourism markets

In terms of arrival and receipts, Europe gain about one-half of the market Asia and Pacific have been the fastest growing regional market. America will still hold strong as far as international tourism, receipts are concerned.

United Arab Emirate with first major indoor ski slope on 2006 in Dubai Gabons ecotourism plan. 11% of the country will become national parks. South Africas potential and opportunities for tourism development abound.

Quality tourism products and experiences

Air Travel 1970-1980 More expensive Higher quality Today Less expensive Lower quality

Many varieties of future tourism products:

Hotel-style health care centers, India

Space tourism, rusia (US Adventure tourism, US $20 Million)

Undersea tourism, (leads by) rusia Volunteer vacations

Partnerships and strategic alliances in tourism

Competit ive Mutual
Opportunity and threats


Need for joining mutual benefit

Hotel and airlines room nights accumulation are redeemable for ticket free airlines ticket (vice versa) Credit card companies award points for each dollar spent (using credit card) Example: Fisher-Price, Inc., toy company partnered with travel package attractive to families with younger children


The impact of health issues/natural disasters/climate change Health issues Need the

development of health tourism policies

Spreading more rapidly due to intl business and leisure

Surgical centres, combining attendant surgery and vacation the hotel occupancy in reduce Hongkong from 82% to 5%

Foot and mouth disease made the tourist sector lost 2.7- 3.2 billion in Spa industry in US generated $US 11.2 AIDS was brought to US 2001 billion in 2003 and Canada by flight

Effects of natural disasters

US Air-ways, >11000 flights delayed during 2 weeks or represented 40% of operations on June, 2004. (Phil Gee, 2006) Hurricane Katrina caused the New Orleans tourism industry lost $15 million per day due to lack of arrival Phuket arrivals were reduce 44.7% after 4 months of Pacific Tsunami

Lesson learned: the need to develop quick responses to coordinate relief and to reinvigorate the tourism industry

Climate change and tourism

Pew Research Centers projections for year 2100:


Warming Impacts

global warming will cause major shifts in tourism with locations that have higher altitudes and latitudes becoming the winner

PositiveSwitzerland started building a dam as protection from Impacts Negative Impacts potential catastrophe Mongolia 122% Mauritania 60% Canada 220% Mali 59% Rusia 174% Bahrain 58%

Coastal areas with longer warm seasons (ex: France, State of Florida)

Caribbean and Mediterranean islands lose their tourists due too its

Climate change and tourism (contd)

Local tourism managers and politicians: enhance tourism industry and reduce possible radical changes

Tourism segments: develop long-term policies to protect environments

Article 1: Tourism's contribution to mutual understanding and Global Code Ethics societies respect between peoples andfor Tourism Article 2: Tourism as a vehicle for individual and collective fulfillment Article 3: Tourism, a factor of sustainable development Article 4: Tourism, a user of the cultural heritage of mankind and contributor to its enhancement Article 5: Tourism, a beneficial activity for host countries and communities Article 6: Obligations of stakeholders in tourism development Article 7: Right to tourism Article 8: Liberty of tourist movements Article 9: Rights of the workers and entrepreneurs in the tourism industry Article 10: Implementation of the principles of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism

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