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A special field of nursing that is focused not only in the health care of an individual but also the community

as a whole.

Documentation System
The process of storing records of patients in a health care institution. Pen & Paper (Traditional charting) Paperless (CHITS/EMR)

What is EMR?
a paperless documentation that uses the computer and the internet. will improve healthcare by enhancing patient care, preventative health, and provider convenience and is an extreme improvement to an already highly technological healthcare corporation.

newest form of documenting a patients

medical record;EMR implementation is complex, but benefits outweigh the minor setbacks(Brooks and Grotz, 2010)
Electronic medical record systems lie at the center of any computerized health information system (Thomson, 2008)

Community Health Information Tracking System (CHITS)

Is an extensible, modular, open source information system for rural health units. It is similar to the electronic medical record (EMR) used in the hospital care setting.

A computer- based information system that served the needs of the health center facility primarily, and of the national public heath system secondarily (Tolentino, et al., 2004) It employs free and open source software which makes it extremely flexible and compliant to the needs of the local health (NTHC-UP, 2009)

Use of information technology system has been linked to a decrease in medical errors (Terry et al., 2008) Data management,report generation, and inventory system are centralized to facilitate decision-making and planning purposes for the city health officers. (Banez, 2011)

Barriers to adoption include high costs, lack of certification and standardization, and concerns about privacy (Hillestad, 2005)
Obvious problems such as loss of productivity and long training times (Smelcer, et al., 2009)

To make information management efficient and to ensure a good supply of quality information (Tolentino, et al., 2005)

There is a growing need for transfer of information between care sites (Nurit, 2005)

The need for an integrated medical record system to facilitate access of physicians at different sites to the relevant medical information needed for providing high quality care (Clalit, 2009)

Traditional charting


What is known about the topic? CHITS is an electronic record system software for the local government health center in the Philippines

What is unknown about the topic? Reasons behind converting from traditional documentation to CHITS.

The difference between CHITS and traditional documentation system

1.Profile of the health care providers

2.Advantages and benefits of CHITS

5.Significant difference between CHITS and traditional documentation in the health center set up

3.Disadvantages and difficulties encountered in using CHITS

4.Reasons for converting from traditional to CHITS

The study is threaded to the hypothesis: There is no significant difference between CHITS and traditional documentation in the health center set up.


Health centers utilizing CHITS in Navotas City Total Population of Health Care Providers: N= 40

INPUT Profile of the respondents: Age Gender Duration of experience on using CHITS Educational attainment

PROCESS Quantitative Approach: Researchers obtained consent Constructed the questionnaire Validated the questionnaire Floated the tool in the locale Waited for the response of the respondents Tallied the collected data Analyzed the data through statistical treatment

OUTPUT Proved that using CHITS as the method of documentation will ease the burden of health care providers in the community setting. Has an in depth knowledge of CHITS. Knew the reasons for converting from traditional charting to CHITS. The significant difference between CHITS and traditional documentation in the health center set up.

Perceived advantages and benefits of utilizing CHITS.

Perceived disadvantages or difficulties encountered by the users regarding CHITS.

Perceived factors/reasons of the institution for converting from traditional charting to CHITS?


Descriptive - Comparative Design: describes phenomenon and examines the differences between two variables

The research tool presented is constructed with the guide of the accumulated literature and validated by experts in the field
Respondents Profile Advantages of using CHITS

Disadvantages of using CHITS

Reasons for converting from traditional charting to CHITS Comparison of traditional charting and CHITS

Quantitative Study

Profile of the health care workers

51 & above 15% 46-50 5% 20-25 27.5%

41-45 17.5%

26-30 10%

36-40 12.5%

31.35 12.5%

Profile of the health care workers


Female 82.5%

Male 17.5%

Profile of the health care workers

Educational Attainment
Midwife 32.5% BSN 57.5%

Masters units 5%

Masters 5%

Profile of the health care workers

Duration of using CHITS
Above 5 months 5%

2-3 months 65%

3-4 months 30%

40 35 30 25 20 15


Reliable Faster informatio recording n YES 38 36 NO 2 4

Accurate records 37 3

Improves quality of care 36 4

Efficient 36 4

Effective 35 5

Provides medical alerts 33 7

35 30 25 20 15 10


0 Time consuming Difficult to learn 5 35 Expensive to implement 27 13 Lack of knowledge 12 2.8


22 18

40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0
Faster ROI N 6


Ensure Integrate Lessen Lessen Avoid Distinct good d redunda inaccurat duplicati identifyin quality medical ncies e entries ons g info info record 17 21 31 33 30 22

Rapid access 32

Provide quick reference 35

Documentation N System Traditional 40 CHITS 40

Computed t-value 11.87

Tabular tvalue (0.05) 0.681


Reject Ho

There is a significant difference between CHITS and traditional charting in the health center setup.

CHITS improves the quality of documentation system in health centers Health workers are still learning how to use CHITS. CHITS enable health care provider to make quicker more informed decisions

Health workers must continuously review the performance of data Conduct regular seminars to increase technical literacy Increase allotted budget for facilities and seminars

Monitor data and the system Collaboration and coordination of community health staff A similar study should be conducted to further explore the effects of CHITS


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