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1. Automation Overview 2. Project assessment

3. Approach to building automated tests

4. Identifying tasks for automation 5. How should time be costed? 6. Building a tool kit 7. Testing environments 8. Training, Development, Resourcing 9. AXA Wealth Basingstoke & Bristol, identifying Automation needs

10. What Exists

11. Percentage of Coverage 12. Road Map 13. Suggested Priority List 14. Questions

Automation Overview
What is test automation?

Record and Playback, easy right?

Who should build Automated tests?

Full time or Part time.

Time, expense & resource.

Project assessment for automation & Performance

Test approach covers a section on automation and performance.

Our technical testers are consulted and a decision is made on the benefits of automation.

Documented proof we have considered these options great for audit!

Approach to building automated tests

Project lead approach.
o Project output should be a set of automated tests o Working more closely with development teams: o Buddying automated testers with developers during projects. Big advantage with Visual Studio to deliver A/Ts as a project output and to smooth the C# learning curve.

Building automated regression tests to replace manual

o Being held accountable! o Stakeholders should be identified. o Benchmark targets set. o Weekly demos to stakeholders. o Stakeholder knowledge is captured. o No surprises on delivery.

Identifying tasks for automation. What should drive the priority?

Project lead approach. Building automated regression tests to replace manual
Focus on high resource drain areas relieving frequent resource effort and high risk areas, as identified by the test managers.

20% 80%

Complex Functionality Frees up experience test resource to analyse

High Resource Repetitive Tasks Common functionality

How should time be costed? breaking down barriers

Project Level


Building a tool kit

Functional Testing
VS2010 Coded UI (Preferred option)
HP Quick test Pro (Embassy, Siebel)

Non Functional Testing

VS2010 Performance & Load tests (Preferred option) HP Performance Center (Embassy, Siebel)

Link Checker

Data generator tools

Testing Environments (Automation & Performance)

A known state of test data that can easily be redeployed before tests are re-run.
Example: doing a switch, that policy would always be available and not used by another tester or disinvested in LIVE and therefore no longer available.

Embassy data migration work may be reusable to snapshot database.

Performance Environments You know and understand everything that happens in the enviroment.

Can corrupt databases rapidly.

Cut down LIVE environment, ring-fenced LAN, Benchmarked times and performance. Visual Studio 2010 Lab Management can spin up virtual environments Sponsor?

Training, Development, Resourcing

Structured professional training in all tool sets.
Roll out automated tests to other project members, testers, devs.

Mentor and support other test analysts.

Evaluate recruitment requirement permanent / contractor balance. Are the contractors allocated to the new OD available? Microsoft time to realise our goal of making VS2010 our preferred tool set.

AXA Wealth Basingstoke & Bristol. Identifying Automation needs.

What tech test have we got on the Elevate Platform (Automation & Performance) What is the strategy for Bristol? AXA Wealth website, Performance on Elevate, more.

What exists (Basingstoke)

Tests Area OLS Pension Quotes OLS USP Quotes OLS Bond Quotes Embassy Investment Bonds Embassy Direct / Debit (a/c sort validation) Total Area OCC Tests Siebel Total
Area Embassy Add Policy Embassy USP Embassy Disinvestments Total

Status Working Working Working Working Working

380 30 120 18 33 581 Tests 13 30 13

Tests 141 23 25 189

Status Effort required due to data change Effort required due to data change
Status Nearly working Nearly working Nearly working

Area Chameleon Embassy Segmented Bonds Total Grand Total

Tests 171 22 193 976

Status Not Working (Winrunner) Not Working (project was abandoned)

Percentage of coverage
Difficult to translate:
Manual regression is written in business scenarios, automation deals with functionality areas. Automation covers more checks such as, drop down lists, images text on screen, although dilutes exploratory testing to a degree. Current Successes

This years high-level road map

Project Name Aon Hewitt's July Release Release Date May July Test function Performance Test Tools Visual Studio 2010 Automated Regression Run QTP Regression Pack



Automated Regression Run QTP Regression Pack

Automation Performance Browser checker Link Checker Automation VSCodedUI / QTP Visual Studio 2010 BrowserCam / Browsera Link Checker QTP Automation / VS2010

Bond (Embassy Light) Belfast

Nov Jan


Functional Manual

Fast Forward - VS2010

Embassy Regression



QTP Automation
QTP Automation

Quick priority list

AXA Wealth Website - 2 perm (training) - length of project, automation & Performance. FNZ Regression - 2 Contractors, 1 Perm (overseeing 25%) 6 Months. Embassy Automation regression - 2 Contractors, 1 perm (overseeing 25%) - 6 months. Elevate Automation - Understand what's there Elevate Performance We understand there are LIVE issues that need addressing Bond (Embassy Light) Needs to be accessed Future projects (Automation & Performance) - To be accessed