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Presented by S.Harikrishna H.NO.


The innovations in the telecom sector continues. Now we have India's first unpaid mobile connection service called T24 (TALK24). The service is brought by Tata Teleservices and Future Group, the retailer in 2010. The T24 service has been launched on the GSM platform and provides a two way benefit to the customers.

T24 allows you to shop-till-you-drop and get free
Talk Time along with it. each time you recharge your mobile you can benefit from unbelievable shopping vouchers in Future Group stores! Over 3 million users are already on a shopping spree with T24

Tariff plan
Plan Local T24 to T24* STD T24 to T24* T24 to any other Network SMS** Local ( ) National ( ) International ( ) MMS ( ) Per Second Billing Plan 1.2Paisa VOICE AND SMS 1.2Paisa 1.2 Paisa 1.2 Paisa 1 1.5 5 3 Per Minute Billing Plan

60 Paise 60 Paise 60 Paise 60 Paise 1 1.5 5 3

T24 to any other Network


Voice and sms National roaming GPRS (Value Added Services / Internet /MMS) usage is charged based on Volume Paid recharge

How the unpaid mobile connection will work

when customers shop at any outlet under the Future Group tag, they will be rewarded with free talk time for every purchase made above 351. A subscriber needs to have a T24 SIM card to avail the unpaid mobile services. So the calculation here is simple. If you do a shopping of 3,001 in any Future Gropu store, you stand to get a free talk time of 150 on your T24 SIM card.

The stores covered under the Future Group chain include Big Bazaar, Pantaloons, Central, Brand Factory, Home Town, eZone and Aadhar. At Big Bazaar, here are the free talk time details, when you shop there Shopping value Rs. 351 Rs. 500 > Free Talk Time Rs. 10 Shopping value Rs. 501 Rs. 1000 > Free Talk Time Rs. 15 Shopping value Rs. 1001 Rs. 2000 > Free Talk Time Rs. 35 Shopping value Rs. 2001 Rs. 4000 > Free Talk Time Rs. 70 Shopping value Rs. 4000 and above > Free Talk Time Rs. 150


T24 mobile offers unique benefits linked to shopping and nonstop talking at Future Group. Every time a customer shops at any of the Future Group Stores, the customer will get free Talk Time. Exclusive shopping offers Besides this, special benefits will be offered to customers linked to specific recharge denomination Provides national and international roaming 100% security will be provided

T24 service is limited to recharge with few features groups There no paper recharge only online Customer service is poor It is implemented only in few states

Tax Details
The Isd Tariffs are exclusive of VAT, service tax and any other taxes charged by foreign networks Service tax of 12.36% will be deducted from the free talk time and then credited to your mobile number


We can conclude that it is recommended for metropolitan cities only not suggestible for rural areas.