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Clariter Who we are

Clariter transforms municipal and industrial plastic waste into high value solvents, oils & waxes
Privately owned industrial clean-tech company with global approach, established in 2004 and based in Luxembourg; Developed proprietary, patent protected technology that converts almost all of the plastic from municipal and industrial wastes into valuable, market ready chemicals Clariters products Solvents, White Oils and Waxes have strong market demand all over the world and are currently manufactured almost predominately from crude oil Clariters technology can treat a large volume of PP, PE and PS types of plastics in one mix, giving a single Clariter facility the ability to have a significant impact towards creating a circular industrial economy in territories of operation Clariter has presence in Poland, Israel, South Africa, USA and UK
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Clariter uses plastic waste currently sent to landfills to manufacture products traditionally derived from crude oil

Unique solution for two global challenges

Environmental challenge:
Plastic waste
No need for landfilling or incineration

Economical challenge:
Alternative feedstock to oil

Clean-tech solution

Complete treatment

Alternative to oil products


Extend life-cycle of natural resource


The Economical challenge Feedstock alternatives

The international community is challenged with finding a sustainable alternative to crude oil as a raw material for many crude oil -derived products Global demand for crude oil is projected to steadily increase over the next 30 years The supply of crude oil is volatile and prices continually fluctuate Natural resources of crude oil excavation has become more expensive, especially in the case of unconventional sources
Clariters technology provides an economically viable feedstock alternative for the production of crude oil derivative products

Clariter's technology improves crude oil utilization and supports a circular economy
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Clariters raw material can easily be separated from the general waste stream and prepared to specification

Diversified sources

Municipal Solid Waste

Industrial plastic wastes Agriculture plastic film

Wide material acceptance

Most types of produced plastics Most Plastic fractions used by packaging industry Most types of disposable plastic goods

Most types of plastics are qualified for Clariters process (except PVC & PET)
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Clariter intends to source the preparation of its feedstock to local waste management companies



Municipal Waste Stream

PS, PP, PE only

Clean/ wash

Clariters Chemical Process

Clariters prepared Feedstock

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Clariter sources mixed plastic waste from third parties and transform it into pure chemicals

Waste provider

Raw Material preparation

Chemical processing and refining

Products distribution


Clariters process begins with raw plastic waste and ends in market ready products

Raw Material

Paraffin mass

Paraffin mass

Paraffin mass

SOLVENT fractions

OIL fractions

WAX fractions

alternative feedstock to crude oil


Clariter manufactures market ready products, all with demonstrated track record of premium market prices
Clariters product families include: Aliphatic Solvents, White Oils and Paraffin Wax
Paint, solvent and print industries Cosmetics & toiletry industry Food industries Wax & candles industries

Premium products from alternative feedstock to crude oil

Vast commercial applications

Solvent fractions FDA approved

Clariters products are used as base materials for multi-billion dollar industries with strong market demand dynamics and steady market growth
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Clariters technology is proprietary, patent protected and highly scalable

The technology consists of:

Unique technology of thermolysis of plastic wastes Advanced refining techniques

The technology results in:

High quality end-products Highly Scalable operation Polyolefin waste processed into the following main families of Products: Aliphatic solvents Process lubricating oils Paraffin waxes
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Clariters facility creates employment while providing solution to the local communitys plastic waste problem
A Clariter facility will generate substantial job creation Full time employment at plant level Construction workers during two year plant construction period Retaining local engineering companies for plant design localization

Direct Job Creation

Indirect job Creation

A plastic waste preparation facility will generate more long term jobs Clariter developed a program to assist local businesses utilize Clariters products to generate new local industries such as candle or oil manufacturing plants

Solution to Plastic Waste problem

Treatment of 40,000 tons of plastic waste, derived from municipal waste in a 200KM radius from the facility

Green Impact

Become a world leader in the amount of plastic waste recovered Clariters technology is cutting edge and can be used as a showcase for other technology investments