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How to develop Leadership through Self Development

Dr. Pranav Pandya, MD Gayatri Parivar Youth Camp 2006

The body is the temple of GOD, the supreme power. It is imperative to look after its physical, mental and spiritual welfare.

Three Bodies
Gross (Sthool Shareer)
Outer sheath of the body through which we eat, respire and interact with the world

Subtler (Sukshma Shareer)

Mind-Brain stuff, through which we think and conceptualize

Causal (Karan Shareer)

The innermost being through which reflect our emotions and good vibes.

Three Bodies
Sthool Physical Body, Physical Power, Physical Strength. Sukshma Will Power, Attitude, Enhanced state of mind Karan Soul Power, Emotions and Power of Inner Self (Inner Strength); Beliefs and values

Inner Strength
Sukhsma and Karan (Subtler and Causal) combined together form the basis of ones inner strength Will Power and Soul Power constitute the strands of ones Inner Strength Without Inner Strength, we are merely passive beings working like a machine.

Inner Self and its Development

Our Inner Self is a treasure house of all miraculous achievements (Riddhis and Siddhis) It needs to be awakened as this gives inner equipoise, mental composure, blissful joy and spiritual upliftment besides material gains.

The tale of the Lion living amongst a herd of sheep

The moral of the story is have we been able to recognize our self?
Who we are? What for we have come to this earth? What is our ultimate goal?

Self Realization (Atma Bodh) is the key to Self Development

The fruits of real knowledge of Self (Atma Gnan)
Illusions disappear Door to success opens

Self Realization (Atma Bodh)

Agyanen avratm gyanam ten muhyanti jantavah(Gita 5/15) The real knowledge of self is encapsulated by Ignorance thereby leading to a state of delusion in animal beings.

Tools for Self Realization

Knowledge and Education are two different words
Vidya vs Shiksha

Knowledge starts where Education ends Both are complementary to each other

Knowledge (Vidya)
One Gains Vidya through Guru, Self Introspection, Sadhana and Reading of Scriptures (swadhayay) Vidya liberates us from all bondages (lust, greed and egoism)
Like a candle removes darkness and brings light

Vidya trains one to tame all circumstances

Education (Shiksha)
Shiksha is understanding the surroundings and the external world It believes in bombardment of information on human mind. It attempts to mould your thinking and fails to do so.

Scientific Spirituality
Knowledge is closer to Spirituality. Knowledge of spirituality enhances ones inner strength Education is closer to modern day science. Its information makes materialistic progress easier The need of time is inter-communion of Science and Spirituality

Scientific Spirituality
Because of lack of awakening of inner power we have so many stress induced disorders today. Psychosomatic and Somatopsychic diseases are increasing. Many of us even dont know that our all problems today are due to dormant inner self.

Tools and Techniques to Awaken Inner Strength

Auto Suggestion Power of Syllables Gayatri Mantra Pranayam Meditation Regular Yogic Practices Self Introspective Literature

Auto Suggestion
To impose on one self stream of positive thoughts. One becomes what one thinks. Art of thinking so as to enhance the biomagnetism through focused introspection. Guided Imagery

Power of Syllables
24 syllables of Gayatri Mahamantra stir the consciousness and strengthen the inner self. The syllables work on the plexuses by generating intense fields of vibrational energy. 24 subtler centers are awakened and neuro-hormones secreted for total transformation.

Churning of Vital Energy, assimilating it in our inner self. Pranayam is more than just deep breathing To be in unison with cosmic prana Brings equilibrium and harmony in all three bodies

Rinsing of Mind with pious, positive and virtuous thoughts. Cleanser of ones Mental Garbage Giving a bath to ones personality through noble and ideal vibrations Going into subconscious and cleaning our past.

Regular Yogic Practices

Physically one remains fit with muscular strength Mentally one becomes tough and resilient to stresses of life Spiritually one learns to go deeper into self and establish his consciousness on it. You learn relaxation, mental balance and art of organizing oneself.

Self Introspective Literature

Streamlines thoughts Brings unison with vibrations of reflections of the authors feelings. Promotes positivism Teaches one to practice creativity. Gives vision to plan for the spiritual journey.

You are your worst enemy and you are your best friend (Geeta, ch. 6) Inner strength brings with it inner joy and happiness Success comes automatically Confidence enhances

Self discipline and self motivation become the key force in life Better Scheduling and Organizing of oneself Self Restraint (four sanyams) come into practice and lead to life of Dev Manav. Ultimate outcome is growth of the soul.

The art of being The art of relating The art of thinking The art of becoming The art of organizing
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Camps at Shantikunj
Shantikunj Haridwar conducts five day Antah Urja Jagran (Awakening Inner Strength) satras
Mid October to Mid March Done solely in silence Besides these 9 day camps are organized every year ,three every month.

You are invited to perform and benefit from one such camp in lifetime.

Shantikunj, a centre where people are trained in

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