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Nursing in Australia

Registration and Employment for Filipino Nurses

Friday 12 October 2012 Quezon City

Topic overview

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Nursing in Australia Australias nursing shortage

AHPRA: Registration for International Nurses

The Bridging Program Registration by Coursework

Employment after Registration Approval

Finding Employment FAQs

Nursing In Australia
Levels of Nurses
RN with advanced and dynamic experience in nursing practice; Educated and authorised to function autonomously and collaboratively in an Enrolled Nurse (Division II) extended clinical role; Vocational course in Nursing; Nurse Registered Responsibilities involve(Division assessment I) and management of clients including direct referrals, prescribing medications and ordering diagnostic investigations; Second level nurse with limited responsibilities Bachelor of Nursing Degree; and usually under RN supervision or delegation; Scope of practice is determined by advanced skill and knowledge in a particular High levels of accountability and exclusive practice area. Duties includeresponsibility recording patients vital statistics, ; bathing, showing and assisting in patient hygiene, feeding and rehabilitation support, first aid, in administration, Ability to undertake roles assisting in educating patients, and maintaining a management, medication administration, safe environment & minimising injuries. assessment & management of clients including complex and specialised nursing care, or education`.

Nurse Practitioner

Nursing In Australia
Career and Salary
Nursing Specialisations

Aged Care
Child & Family Health Community Health Critical Care & Emergency Mental Health

Perioperative Surgical Development Disability Rehabilitation

Medical Practice

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Australias Nursing Shortage

The current crisis

Nursing shortage

Urban and Rural Development

Population Growth and Aging

Politics and Labour Unions

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Aged Care Shortage

Australian Registration for International Nurses

Registration requirements
Apply for Australian registration. Only documents are required. No Board Exam.

Proof of identification and residence Nursing qualifications Transcripts of Records University curriculum and clinical hours

Qualifications and documents are assessed. NMBA determines whether you are required to undertake a Bridging Program.

Nursing licensure (PRC)

Resume/CV (min. 3 months clinical exp.) Employment references and job descriptions Professional development training and seminars IELTS 7.0 (Academic) in all components Health and criminal declaration
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Australian registration is approved after successful completion of Bridging Program. Applicant is now qualified as an RN in Australia.

Bridging Program for International Nurses

Competency training for Australian nursing standards

You must complete the Bridging Program in Australia within 1 year of your invitation letter from AHPRA
The Bridging Program is 3 months consisting of 1 month classroom theory and 2 months clinical supervision. Program fees are $11,000 - $16,000. You will be on either a Student or Business (ShortStay) visa while you undertake the Bridging Program Upon successful completion, you will be eligible for approval as a Registered Nurse (Div. 1) in Australia Your AHPRA invitation and completion certificate is sufficient for you to be offered employment and remain in Australian on a working visa

International nurses [video]

Bridging Program for International Nurses

Institutions and Sample Curriculum

A number of institutions offer the Bridging Program for International Nurses. Approved programs are currently situated in the following locations:
Melbourne Country Victoria Sydney Adelaide

http://acfe.net.au/iron-program/ Sample curriculum

Registration by Coursework
Courses of study leading to registration
If you do not hold a PRC license, lack extensive experience or feel unsure that you will successfully complete the Bridging Program, you may undertake a course that This is for an example text. Go ahead leads to Australian registration. You do not need 1. to apply registration first.


2 year Bachelor degree program Credit points may be awarded for previous nursing study No PRC licensure required IELTS 7.0 (Academic) AHPRA nursing student registration leading to full registration after coompletion of course. 2 yr Skilled Gradute Working Visa Course fee: $20,000 - $28,000

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PRC licensure required Minimum 2 years experience IELTS 7.0 (Academic) AHPRA nursing student registration leading to full registration after coompletion of course. Course fee: $12,000

Employment After Registration Approval

Listed on AHPRA registry Your details are listed on the registry You can renew your registration yearly

Qualified for employment You are qualified to be considered for any nursing position You can register with nursing and government recruitment agencies You can be sponsored by an employer
Eligibility for visa applications 457 Working Visa (Temporary) ENS/RSMS Working Visa (Permanent) Skilled Migrant Visa (Permanent) [Eligible for relative and state government sponsorship]

If you are offered sponsorship or qualify for one of the visas listed above, you do not required to return to the Philippines to apply for the visa. You can switch visas while you are in Australia.

Finding Employment

Although Bridging Programs do not guarantee employment, most successful nurses are offered jobs upon completion of the program. Of the 10 Filipino nurses who completed their program at La Trobe University last month, 9 of them have already commenced work at a large Sydney hospital. Numerous resources are available that list Australian nursing vacancies. You may also register with Australian employment agencies for sponsorship listings. Philippine POEA agencies also list nursing jobs in Australia. If you already have Australia registration, you will most likely be considered. Relative and friends in Australia are also a good source for employment opportunities. You should use your networks and be involved in local communities, professional associations and industry organizations. It is also easier to get employment in Australia than outside Australia.

Employer Sponsorship Services

Simone Dickenson (Registered Migration Agent)
Simone is a Registered Migration Agent (MARA 1173899) and a member of Migration Alliance. She has held a long-standing career as a Registered Nurse and is the sister of prominent Melbourne criminal barrister, Andrew Dickenson. Simone specialises in employer sponsorship, job placements for hospitality and trades workers, and the working visa subclasses.

Vinney Lewis (Job Placement and Accommodation Co-ordinator)

Vinney has a successful history of providing home-stay and accommodation services to international students. She also provides airport pick-up services. She now assists in job placement for registered nurses and employment matching services to obtain employer sponsorship for prospective skilled migrants.


Common questions about Nursing in Australia

1. What if I cannot meet the IELTS 7 (Academic) requirement?

There are no exemptions to the English requirement. You must have at least IELTS 7.0 (Academic) or OET Grade B in each component of the English tests. You may wish to undertake a 33 week English for Nurses course in Australia that will assist you in meeting this requirement.
2. Will I be guaranteed a job after I complete the Bridging Program?

The Bridging Program is to train international nurses to meet Australian nursing standards. Successful completion will award you Australian RN registration. It does not lead to guaranteed employment. However, most nurses obtain interviews and employment immediately after completion.
3. What if I cannot get employed?

If you cannot obtain employment immediately before your visa expires, you may still apply for Australian nursing jobs from the Philippines as you are already registered. You will also be eligible for a Skilled Migrant visa (PR) and State Government sponsorship.


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