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[Helmets manufacturers]

V Care solutions Ltd mission is to provide innovative high quality safety helmets for all emergency services. We seek to achieve this through a process of continuous improvement and continued consultation with customers, whilst providing staff security in employment.

V Care solutions is a company that deals with the production of safety gear and primarily - HELMETS.
V Care solutions promotes cause related marketing hence primary focus of V Care solutions is to provide quality products, create awareness and promote safety measures.

The Indian market provides ideal platform for V Care solutions mainly due to the increasingly large number of two wheelers, sports men and workmen involved in hazardous jobs.

Objectives: V Care solutions focuses on safety - first precautions and awareness. Locations- V Care solutions has 2 showrooms in mumbai & lonavla apart from retail outlets in mumbai suburbs, pune, thane etc. Market segmentation: V Care solutions targets to both male and female.

Advertising campaign & message: V Care solutions adopts advertising as the primary tool for marketing. V Care solutions also conducts campaigns like Safety First programs, AA ( Accident Avoidance ) and a V Care solutions special program called HEAD SECURE at high schools and colleges, work places and at malls and factories.

Variety of colors and styles for every type of rider

light, cool and comfortable that they practically disappear when you put one on. Every V Care solutions helmet features a durable outer shell. Some models use a lightweight In-molded shell made of thermoplastic. The carbon fibre shell in a V Care solutions helmet is a unique feature that most ordinary helmets do not posses and has been adopted from Wenjin the china Auto equipment and safety company.

Open Face Helmets. (Rs.600 Rs.1200)

Free travel kit

Pacific helmets limited Vega helmets Studds helmets Airmax helmets

Total sales of motorcycles in the year 20112012 was 3,22,348. It is increasing year after year.
So the demand for helmets will also increase. Due to stringent laws and penalties, people are using helmets.

We are providing helmets at cheaper price and of best quality. We are also providing after sale service.
We are providing additional convienience such as face shields, ear protection etc.

Initial investment Rs. 50 lacs. Personal contribution Rs. 15 lacs each by two partners. Bank loan of Rs. 20 lacs. Initial stage production is of 100000 units i.e. 50000 in the first month and 50000 in next month. We will directly import manufacturing parts from wenjin motorcycle parts limited, china. We are maintaining quality standards of our product. And we have taken the approval of ISO 4007:2012 & 3873:1977 certification.

We have a strength of 50 employees in our initial stages. 20 employees for manufacturing process 5 regional heads 15 sales and promotion executives 3 HR executives 2 financial executives 3 distribution heads 2 customer care executives

PARTICULARS Fiber glass Chin strap Foam Peaks screw Protective padding Chin guard lining

AMOUNT (In Rs.) 100000 100000 50000 10000 25000 5000

Front vent
peak visor Central pad

5000 30000 10000



Advertisement expenses Promotion & distribution expenses Rent Machineries Tools Employees compensation Electricity


400000 250000 100000 800000 200000 500000 50000

Miscellaneous expenses


Short term - By our hard core selling and promotion strategy, we will try to penetrate market with our low price and best quality products. Long term - To reach maximum number of customers by opening showrooms in various mega cities all over India. - To build an image of trust in the minds of customers.

V care solutions has a general recommendation of replacing a helmet every three 3 years under normal wear and tear.

What if a helmet becomes damaged?

If helmets get damaged within the warranty period i.e. 1 year, the customer will get it repaired at free of cost. Helmets will be replaced after 3 years from the date of purchase with a new helmet at a minimum cost.

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