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Good Health Group

Our Strength
We have strategically located sales depots in AP state at 7 places. Vishakhapatnam Vijayawada Kakinada Hyderabad Karimnagar. Kurnool Warangal

We have adequate storage space, and experienced manpower to handle ware house operations. We have more than 280 distributors all over spread across Andhra Pradesh state. We have trained, experienced manpower 24 members handling sales operations through wholesale, retail, modern trade markets. As our product also commodity product and most of our customer profile suits to your product of ATTA business.

Our Sales team retail penetration is very strong and our reach to the nook and corners of Andhra Pradesh state will be added advantage to get easy placement. Our service to the distributors, and supply chain management is very strong as our products reach is in all A+, A, B, C, and D class markets up to 20,000 population markets.

We Propose
We here by propose for Marketing arrangement agreement for your brand thorough our existing network of Distributors, Traders, Retail markets, with our sales team and depot infrastructure. We shall enter into M O U agreement for a period of 5 years.

We shall act as your sole distribution and marketing company for your brand in the entire state of Andhra Pradesh. We shall take responsibility of product placement in retail, wholesale, and traders outlets across the markets. We shall make payments of the markets as mutually agreed up on terms and conditions. You will give us the exclusive distribution work in AP state.

You will deliver the stocks F O R destination to our respective depots ( including unloading and loading) charges at our depot premises. Our sales team will ensure the placement of product through our authorized distributors channel.

All payments shall be remitted to your account on day to day basis to your current account.

You will take care of all A T L & B T L Budgets, brand building, consumer offers, relevant communication, P O P material in order to establish your own brand.

We can make PAN AP presence of your brand with in 45 days from the date of launch. All manufacturing defects, transit losses / damages up to distributor level has to be replaced by you on piece to piece basis.

Any damages / expiry stocks at any distributor point to be settled by giving ___% discount on price list to retailer, where by no replacements will be taken back from market.

You will pass on this amount of discount every month by way of credit note to us as per the statement of claims cleared. We as distribution and marketing company in coordination with your marketing head will do all necessary sales activities as per your plans.

We as distribution and marketing company will get ____ % as our charges in the price list. Our commercial department will co-ordinate with your commercial department in stocks, indenting. Your marketing head can visit markets across the state and give feed back to us and you on the product reach, placement from time to time.