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Stephanie Ann Verinder Kaur

A quantifier expresses quantity as its name implies. Words that modify nouns. They can be used with both countable or uncountable noun to express amount or quantity.They tell us how many or how much. Selecting the correct quantifiers depends on your understanding the distinction between count and non-count nouns.

Some adjectives and adjectival phrases can only go with uncountable nouns (salt, rice, money, advice), and some can only go with countable nouns (friends, bags, people).

How much money have you got?
How many cigarettes have you smoked? There's not much sugar in the cupboard.

Example of quantifiers with count nouns.

A few

-"I've got a few friends" (= maybe not many, but enough) -Few people visited him in hospital (= he had almost no visitors) Many - There are many people in Poland - He spoke many different languages.

Example of quantifiers with non count nouns.


-"I've got a little money" (= I've got enough to live on) - We have very little information on this topic.


-Much time and money is spent on education -I havent given much attention to this problem.

Graded Quantifiers
-They are like comparatives and hold a relative position on a scale of increase or decrease
INCREASE (0% to 100%)
Plural countabl e nouns Many More Examples There are many students in tesl 1 There are more students in tesl 3 compared to tesl 1


Tesl 2 has the most number of sudents

Plural uncountable nouns Much More Most


Theres much water in Jar A Jar B contains more water than Jar A Jar C contains the most amount of water

DECREASE (100% to 0%)

Plural countable nouns Few Fewer Fewest Examples There are few students in 2 Sigma There are fewer students in 2 Omega compared to 2 Sigma 2 Theta has the fewest number of students

Plural uncountable nouns


Less Least

Bala has little money with him today

Chong has less money compared to Bala Azman has the least money compared to both of them

In the following sentences, fill in the gaps with one of the following quantifiers: much, many, a lot of, most, a little, little, a few, Some

2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

It seems to me that we haven't had________ assignments in English this term. How_______ material can we be expected to read in one week? I've unfortunately had________ headaches already because of stress. Our yard looks awful this summer. There are too________ weeds. I didn't use________ fertilizer last spring, and that has made a difference. Also, I've paid very______ attention to how_________ rain we've had.

7. How_______ good would it do if we watered the

plants ourselves?

8. They said that just______ help could make a big


9.__________ information proved to be outdated 10. We're close to the project deadline, but there is still
_______ time left.