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Allen Solly

Formed in 1744 Nothingam , England A brand of William Hollins & Co. Ltd Was launched in India in 1993, as a brand under Madura Fashion & Lifestyle. It brought a completely new concept to menswear in India Friday Dressing. It has an Anglo-American heritage.

156 stores over all India. Sub brand : Allen Solly juniors

Tag Line
My World, My Way

Lighten up the work place through a whole new range of preppy work casuals in bold colors, innovative fabric and young fits.

Unique selling point

Friday dressing/ stylish office wear

Young fashion conscious men and women.

Urban men and women, upper class and upper middle class.

To lighten up the work place.

Strength of the brand

The brand is present in more than 50 countries In-house and experienced design and product teams are available with Allen Solly. Premium fashion and international fashion also available Work casuals in bold colours, innovative fabric and young fits. Strong Management team also is strength to the company

This was the time when workplace formals were clouded with grays and whites, and Allen Solly which is known for being unconventional, added up color to the clothing line.


Since women took active part in the corporate world, Allen Solly decided to introduce work wear for women, in December 2001.


Leap. Soar. Fly GO trousers with XLA stretch and wrinkle free super powers were launched specially beat the creases.


I hate ugly was launched in 2009, bringing a change to casual wear, it says whatever you dont like, you change it. Concentrating mainly on the youth.

Later 2009

Allen Solly bringing modern art to modern fashion doing summer style like nobody else. The range of youthful work lets you live life 3D in a 2D world


Allen Solly claims that one would never have to worry about looking for the right pair of trousers that suit you. Whatever your style, fit or form, they have every pair of trousers under the sun.

Later 2010


THE NEW FACE OF ALLEN SOLLY Tracing back to its origins in 1744. A history steeped in rich traditions, Allen Solly used to dress royalty. Word about it spread and it not only became the talk of the town but in over 50 countries. The brand was recognized by its distinct coat of arms, which was flanked by a ram and a stag. Allen Solly, who has heralded many a change, is undergoing yet another change. Borrowing from its rich heritage, Allen Solly is undergoing a change in its identity. The stag, a part of Nottinghams coat of arms, has found its way into the Allen Solly logo. Another leg in Allen Sollys journey commences with this change in its identity.

Shirts Trousers Jackets Sweaters Socks Jeggings Denims Blazers T-shirts Waist coats Skirts Dresses Accessories Cufflinks Tie Shoes Bags Belts Scarves Handkerchiefs Wallets

Price Range
Formal Jackets : Rs. 4999 to 6999 Casual Jackets : Rs. 2499 to 3799 Formal Shirts : Rs. 1499 to 2799 Casual Shirts : Rs. 1499 to 2199 Trousers : Rs. 2199 to 3199 Denims : Rs. 1799 to 2499 T- Shirts : Rs. 1499 to 2199 Sweaters : Rs. 2199 to 3499

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