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Performance Appraisal Interviews

You can expect to...

Better understand the elements of an effective appraisal interview. Learn how to prepare for an appraisal interview.

Find out how to benefit from appraisal feedback.

The 5 Key Elements of an Appraisal Meeting

Measurement Feedback Positive reinforcement Exchange of views Agreement

Preparing for the meeting

What things should you do to prepare for the meeting?

Preparing for the meeting

What things have you achieved during the review period? Bring along examples and evidence. Is there anything you have not been able to achieve? Why was this? What do you enjoy most about the job? How could you develop your role? Is there any aspect of your work that you need to improve? How might you achieve this? What are your learning and development needs? How might these be addressed? What level of support and guidance do you require from your manager? How do you see your future career at Ncell? Think about your current role and about possible future roles. What are your targets and objectives for the next review period?

A Good Appraisal Meeting

appraisees do most of the talking appraisers listen actively to what they say there is scope for reflection and analysis performance is analysed not personality the whole period is reviewed and not just recent or isolated events achievement is recognised and reinforced ends positively with agreed action plans.

A Bad Appraisal Meeting

focuses on a catalogue of failures and omissions is controlled by the appraiser ends with disagreement between appraiser and appraisee.

My Achievements
Make a list of things you have achieved in you job during the reporting period. Be specific! My customer service was good I responded to all enquiries within 24 hours

My Achievements
What evidence do you have of your achievements?
Achievement: I have exceeded my customer satisfaction targets. Evidence: Customer feedback survey Achievement: I am now able to more accurately log customer enquiries Evidence: I attended training on how to use to new customer service management software

Describing Your Achievements

1. Clarify your involvement 2. Describe a start, middle and end 3. Quantify the achievement 4. Dont forget over-achievement 5. Indicate your personal award 6. Include details of challenging situations 7. State the impact of the achievement

Problems and Challenges

Have you faced any problems or challenges during the reporting period that have affected your performance? How will you raise these with your manager?
Resources Time Systems Relationships Skills Support

What skills and competencies do you need to develop in your current role? What skills and competencies would you like to develop in order to further your career?
HARD SKILLS e.g. Learning how to use account management software

SOFT SKILLS e.g. Learning how to give an effective presentation

How can you develop these skills? What support do you need from your manager?
Coaching Mentoring Job Shadowing Job Swap Job Placement Reading and research Academic qualification External training Internal training Online training Study visit Information sharing

Find the Ball

Player 1: Silent Feedback Remain completely silent and motionless. Player 2: Negatively feedback only No matter how close or far away the player is from the ball, offer only criticism Player 3: Positive non-specific feedback No matter how close or far away the player is from the ball, offer only encouragement Player 4: Specific feedback Give the player helpful hints and suggestions without telling him/her the specific location of the ball

Find the Ball

1. How did you feel while looking for the ball?

2. What did you think/feel as a result of the feedback you received?

3. How did the feedback you received affect your performance? 4. What did the feedback you received make you think/feel about the other people in the room who were giving it? 5. If this was the type of feedback that you received at an appraisal interview, what impact do you think it would have on your performance?

Handling Feedback
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Do welcome constructive feedback Dont justify your position Do accept the feedback at face-value Dont obsess about the feedback Do evaluate the feedback before responding Dont overreact Do make a choice about how to use the feedback

Wrap Up
The Elements of an appraisal interview Preparing for the interview Achievements Evidence Challenges Development Support Feedback

What will you do differently?