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Production of Energy Using Renewable (Green) Energy Sources

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In 2009, about 16% of global final energy consumption came from renewables.

Renewable & Non-Renewable energy

Solar Energy
Solar thermal powerstations operate in the USA and Spain, and the largest of these is the 354megawatt(MW)SEGSpower plant in theMojave Desert.

Availability of Resource Solar energy is a renewable source since there will be solar energy as long as the sun exists It is very expensive, For InstanceRooftop Power and Stand alone Small Grid-connected Power Plant (RPSSGP). The total cost of one unit was approx. Rupees 2 lakh, which was given on contract according to the scheme of the Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency, under a Central Government . Photo voltaic systems are mainly used in undeveloped areas and Remote areas where there is a huge amount of sunlight. Globally, an estimated 3 million households get power from smallsolar PVsystems.





Wind Energy
TheAlta Wind Energy Centeris the largest onshore wind farm in the world, with a capacity of 1020MWof power.

India has the fifth largest installed wind power capacity in the world.

Availability of Resource Cost As long as there is a sun there will be wind Most of the commercial-scale turbines installed today are 2 MW in size and cost roughly $3-$4 million installed. There are two types of wind machines; horizontal, and vertical. Horizontal-axis wind machines have blades that are parallel to the ground and vertical-axis wind machines go at a 45 degree angle to the ground.
Several countries have achieved relatively high levels of wind power penetration, such as 21% of stationary electricity production inDenmark18% inPortugal16% inSpain ,14% inIrelandand 9% inGermanyin 2010by 2011, at times over 50% of electricity in Germany and Spain came from wind and solar poweras of 2011,



Hydro Energy

Accounting for 16 percent of global electricity generation 3,427 Tera watt-hours of electricity produced in 2010, and is expected to increase about 3.1% each year for the next 25 years.

Availability of Resource As long as it rains, hydro power has been around for centuries. Cost Application In Turkey for 120 MW, the total cost would be $1.6 Billion US Dollars. The fast moving water spins the turbine blade that is attached to a generator to produce electricity. The electricity is then transported to the utility company by transmission lines. Hydro power produces eight to 11 percent in the United States. World wide hydro power is 25% of the electricity production total.


Using of Chlorine Water Bottles as Bulb, Conversion of solar energy to light energy. Very Cost effective Easy to make.

Recent Inventions

The water refracts the light while the chlorine and the salt slow down evaporation and prevent mold. The solution is expected to last up to two years before it needs changing

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_zMAWztZ6TI ( Link to learn through YouTube )

Newer and more exciting devices are being invented to harness renewable energy - especiallysolar energy.

Ceria Mimics Plant Life

As against the conventional photovoltaic cells, hydrogen and syngas are fuels which can be stored, are portable and can be used any time

One such device is a prototype which uses one of the rare earth metals Ceria

My Plan

My Concept
Conversion of Potential Energy to Electric Energy

To Charge Electrical, To Use as Control for television, To Use as alternative.

The production of green energy is a big league for the saviors of the world but Scientists have advanced a plan to power 100% of the world's energy withwind,hydroelectric, andsolar powerby the year 2030.

My Dream is to see a Miniature Energy Production Plant (MEPP) at every house in every city in every state in every Country of every territory; so that we can make OUR GLOBE MORE GREEN...

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