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Valves and Appurtenances

Types of Valves
Air Valves Control Valves Pressure Relief Valves Pressure Reducing Valves

Air Valves

Air valves are needed to control air in and out of pipe lines.

Types of Air Valves

Air release valve Vacuum relief valve Air and vacuum valve Combination air and vacuum relief valve

Air Release Valve

A small orifice, continuous acting valve for air release only. Used at closed summits to prevent formation of air pockets.

Vacuum Relief Valve

A large orifice valve for vacuum relief only.

Air and Vacuum Valves

Valves with large orifices which allow air to exhaust from the pipeline during filling (not during operation) and allow air to enter the pipeline during emptying. Generally used at either upper or lower ends of pipeline.

Slide Gate
Used to let water into gravity pipeline, usually from irrigation canal. Control mechanism is disk or plate sliding over pipe opening.

Check Valves
In-line back flow prevention valve. Generally used to prevent surge at pumps and to maintain water column in pipelines.

Swing check

Double swing check

Rubber flapper check

Check Valves (cont.)

Slanting disk check Automatic control check

Silent check (center guided)

Butterfly Valve
In-line distribution valve Control mechanism is a rotating disk inside of valve housing.

Ball Valve
In-line distribution valve Control mechanism is a rotating hollow ball inside of valve housing.

Gate Valve
In-line distribution valve Control mechanism is a sliding plate inside of valve housing.

Globe Valve
In-line distribution valve Control mechanism is plunger inside of valve housing.

Alfalfa Valve
Outlet distribution valve Control mechanism is a threaded plate or cap on outside of valve body. Requires hydrant to open and close.

Alfalfa Valve (cont.)

Pressure Relief Valves

A valve used to relieve excess pressure that develops in the pipeline.

Flow Meter
In-line device used to measure flow. In NRCS we generally require meters that give both instantaneous flow rates and cumulative volumes.

Air Vent Assembly

Used at at high points to provide combination air and vacuum relief Outlet of vent must be located above the hydraulic grade line for all flows.

Air Vent Assembly (cont.)

Riser Assembly
Pipe attached to underground pipeline to deliver water to surface outlets or system valves. A chamber may be required at base for certain installations.

Riser Assembly (cont.)

Drain Assembly
Valve and pipe assembly used to empty a pipeline. Generally either gravity or pump out configurations are used.

Drain Assembly (cont.)

Thrust Control

Anchors or thrust blocks used to resist axial thrust in the pipeline at abrupt changes in pipe grade, at changes in pipe alignment, at reductions in pipe diameter, at points of divergence, and at ends of line.

Thrust Control (cont.)

NPRC Project

NPRC Project (cont.)

NPRC Project (cont.)

NPRC Project (cont.)

NPRC Project (cont.)

NPRC Project (cont.)

10 Pressure Reducing Valve

NPRC Project (cont.)

NPRC Project (cont.)

NPRC Project (cont.)

Final Installation