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Staff Management


Staff Management (HRD)

How to hire the right people? How to train them? How to retain them? How to fire ? How to resolve conflicts?

Introduction: Why should we discuss?

Medical profession or business ? Line getting blurred Paradigm shift In past: Doctor = God Now-Health care industry service industry

Patients = Customers
Doctors= Service providers
Satish 3

Importance of managing staff

Who provides services ? Running a clinic is a team work Consider the number of tasks performed in a day in your clinic Consider the contact time with patients- who spends most time with the patient?

Quality of our services largely dependent on the staff

Staff is the biggest asset Satish

The art of hiring

The KSA prescription


KSA- keep balance

If you require someone to climb a
tree, it is better to hire a squirrel

than train a turkey to climb

Organizations hire for knowledge and fire for attitude
Satish 6

The process of hiring

Basic Principle: Hire tough, manage
easy An investment with long term

Satish 7

Define the requirement

Number Skill

Variations in work volume

Leaves and absences Staff turn over pattern
Satish 8

Inviting applications
Personal contacts Through existing staff

*Costly affair *Catchy , specific
Satish 9

Screening applications
Scrutinize and sort out Tabulate data to have a quick look If feasible make your own format of

Satish 10

Art of interview
Aim is to find out person with right
KAS Have a check list of questions



Check list for interview

1. Details of qualification 2. Experience (ask for certificates, cross check) 3. Family back ground 4. Conveyance 5. Suitable duty hours
Satish 12

Check List Cont.

6. Future plans for career and marriage /family

7. Expectations from new job

8. Why did you leave the previous job?

9. Why do you want to join this particular set up?

10. Expected salary

11. Duration of commitment

12. Your perception of work expected for the post
Satish 13

Testing for skills

Offer some tests for skill evaluation Examples: 1. Nursing tasks ( recording temp, measuring dose, operating equipment ) 2. Receptionist :Imaginary conflict with patient, handling telephone
Satish 14

Induction and training

1. Explain the mission and vision 2. Introduction to existing staff 3. Orientation round 4. Getting familiar with working

5. Written manual of rules and protocols

6. Probation period
Satish 15

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and

relearn - Alvin Toffler

2 angles - Employers perspective,

Employees perspective
Developing People
Satish 16

If you keep on doing what you are doing, you will keep on getting what you are getting true for both

employer and the employee

Training is important for
Performance enhancement
Career development
Satish 17

Forms of training
A. Structured Classroom B. Unstructured
Job rotation

Satish 18

Job Description
Most important aspect
List of tasks and functions expected Specific Avoids confusion
Satish 19

Fine tuning of skills
Minimizes errors Improvement diary (error record)

Link to increment
Satish 20

Systems Development
Brain of administration Good systems ensure efficiency

People enjoy working , have less stress

Number of registers Good for new recruits
Satish 21

Tips on retaining and motivating the staff

Rapid turn over is a drain on set up
Hiring and training is time and energy consuming process Must take steps to prevent rapid turn over
Satish 22

Tips on retaining and motivating the staff

1. Define the job well with specific

2. Define duty hours

3. Rotate

4. Dignity and respect for all

Satish 23

Tips on retaining
5. Appreciate good work done publicly , give a

pat on back, celebrate excellence

6. Performance based increment policy

7. Good working environment

8. Be a good role model- a participative leader

9. Empowerment: give responsibility and invite

their suggestions for improvement
Satish 24

Tips on retaining
10. Be an approachable boss, but be the boss
11. Take care of personal problems 12. Find occasions to celebrate ( cut a cake

on birthday of each member)

Satish 25

13. Career development

A leaders role is to raise peoples

aspirations for what they can become and release their energies so they will try to get there with individuals aspirations

Synchronizing hospitals aspirations


14. Be a Good Pay-master

If you pick the right people and give

them the opportunity to spread their wings and put compensation as a carrier behind it you almost don't have to manage them -Jack Welch
Satish 27

Conflict resolution
Universal- try to preempt Junior Vs Senior Inter departmental Positional ( Hierarchy issues) Be a good listener

Play neutral
Importance of meetings ( regular, urgent)
Satish 28

Firing (separation)
Painful but often essential surgery Do it in a subtle manner No show of anger Explain why this set up is not the right place for you Give all dues or even little more Give certificate
Satish 29

Bottom line
Employees must feel to be proud of
the set up and if at all they leave , they should terribly miss it!