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Customer Service At Singapore Airlines



Awards Service Excellence

Overview of Case Study

Diagnosing the Need




Process Models

Change Processes

People Issues



Change of SIA

to Change




1947 Kuala lampur , Ipoh and Penang In 1955 In 1963 MAS In 1966 Joint Shareholders In 1972 In 1973 (SATA) In 1977 In 1979


Airline of the year Best Transpacific Airline Worlds Best Service Award Best Long-haul Airline Best First Class Best Economy Class Best foreign Airline Best Crisis Management

Service Excellence

Cabins Website and For Comfort , Service and Food in all Classes A Class beyond first class It consists of separate compartments with walls and doors LCD TV screen is mounted on the front wall.

The kids used to get toys, lozenges etc. Passengers of Singapore Airlines are allowed to do phone calls from the flight

SIA is also planning to provide the facility of email to the passengers while traveling

Problems Faced During Operation

Shortage of domestic routes for serving Singapore Faced difficulties on International routes to gain the admissions to Airports, landing rights, securing flight shots, attracting new customers and many more.

Major Case

On October 31, 2000 SQ-006 Boing 747 Taiwan 81 passenger of the 179 on board $25000 for Compensation $400000 per family

Conceptual approach & Process models

Innovative ideas and Strategies. Management always Encourages . A Rotation policy is there inside SIA. Video conferencing, Email, Telephones etc.

Recruit Singaporean girls as Airhostess Airhostesses gives a warm welcome Giving Training Airhostesses serves

Increased number of competitors Labor shortage in Singapore has become a major problem for SIA. Cosmopolitan culture. Changed Lifestyle of young Singaporeans

Changing Process

Necessary to meet the changing needs and requirements of the customers. Prepare some dynamic strategy for increasing the satisfaction level of the employees. The Singapore Airlines build and maintain trust with the customers. The continuous improvement process should be followed to increase the quality standards. Increase the efficiency of the operations to improve the satisfaction level of the customers.

Organizational Culture and Change

Management of SIA gives greater importance to maintain a good and healthy work culture inside the organization. They believe Singapores culture is a mixed culture of western and eastern. Due to western touch Singaporean girls are not lack in speaking fluent English. Also due to eastern culture they are shy and have good hospitality capability. This is the reason management always recruit Singaporean people inside the organization.

Also the culture has an effect on China that in turn adds values in terms of hospitality and attitude. Management believes end of the day quality of services to the passenger matters for the organizational growth. This is the reason SIA do not believe in acquiring other airlines.

Personal Change

SIA is very much selective in recruiting people from the market. For ground staff recruitment management defined certain procedures which help to recruit right people. For cabin crew staff recruitment candidates should be below 25 years age and should have positive attitude, good communication skills and right postures. Personality Profile System (PPS) is carried out by the recruitment team to remove uncertainty.

Trainings are generally related to supervisory skills development, product related training, customer handling, positive attitude building etc. All the cabin crew staff is bound to attain four months training which is much better than other competitors.

Leadership to Change

Management always motivates ground staffs and cabin crew members not to depend on the senior staffs. Various leadership quality development training programs are organized by the management to build leadership quality among the employees. Management of SIA thinks existing employees need to take initiatives to motivate subordinates to serve passengers better with excellent quality services.


Singapore Airlines is one of the best airlines in the world. Solid management base and strategic planning are the key success behind consistent growth of the airlines. SIA has already built a strong position in the airlines business but still it has to maintain the existing position along with the continuous improvement of the processes.

By Chirag Soni BBA final year Special thanks to Nisha mam & Priyanka mam