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 Balochistan is located at the eastern edge of the Iranian
plateau and in the border region between Southwest,
Central, and South Asia.
 It is geographically the largest of the four provinces at
347,190 km² (134,051 square miles) of Pakistani
territory; and composes 48% of the total land area of
 The population density is very low due to the
mountainous terrain and scarcity of water.
 The southern region is known as Makran.
 The central region is known as Kalat.
 At Gwadar on the coast the Pakistani government is
currently undertaking a large project with Chinese help
to build a large port.

The capital city is Quetta, located in the most densely
populated district in the northeast of the province. Quetta
is situated in a river valley near the border with
Afghanistan, with a road to Kandahar in the northwest.
 The Sulaiman Mountains dominate the northeast
corner and the Bolan Pass is a natural route into
Afghanistan towards Kandahar, used as a
passageway during the British campaigns to
 Much of the province south of the Quetta region is
sparse desert terrain with pockets of towns mostly
near rivers and streams.
 Very cold winters and hot summers
characterise the climate of the upper
 Summers are hot and dry, especially the arid
zones of Chaghai and Kharan districts.
 The desert climate is characterised by hot
and very arid conditions. Occasionally strong
windstorms make these areas very

 Balochistan has a population of around 10

million inhabitants.
 Overall, the Baloch population is about 62%
whilst the Brahui tribes and Pashtuns
comprise 32% of the province's population.
 In addition, 769,000 Afghan refugees can
be found in the province
Administrative Districts
 There are 27 Districts in the  Qilla Saifullah
province of Balochistan..  Lasbela
 Awaran  Loralai
 Barkhan  Mastung
 Bolan  Musakhel
 Chagai  Naseerabad
 Dera Bugti  Nushki
 Gwadar  Panjgur
 Jafarabad  Pishin
 Jhal Magsi  Quetta
 Kalat  Sibi
 Kech  Zhob
 Kharan  Ziarat
 Kohlu
 Khuzdar
 Qilla Abdullah

• Balochistan University of Engineering and

Technology, Khuzdar
• Balochistan University of Information Technology,
Engineering and Management Sciences, Quetta
• Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water & Marine
Sciences, Uthal
• Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University, Quetta
• University of Balochistan, Quetta
• Iqra University, Quetta
Famous people
Historical Personalities

 Mir Chakar Khan Rind

 Mir Sher Muhammad Talpur
 Mir Ali Murad Talpur
 Mir Tharo Khan Talpur
 Palay Khan
 Nawab Bangul Khan Jogazai
Pre-Independence (pre-1947)

 Mir Ghaus Bakhsh Bizenjo

 Jam Mir Ghulam Qadir Khan
 Khan Abdul Ghafoor Khan Durrani
 Mir Gul Khan Naseer
 Nawab Yousaf Aziz Magsi
 Nawabzada Mir Shahbaz Khan Nosherwani
 Nawab Ghaus Bakhsh Raisani
 Mir Ghaus Bakhsh Bizenjo
 Jam Mir Ghulam Qadir Khan
Post-Independence (post-1947)
 Prince Karim Khan  Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri
 Khan Abdul Ghafoor Khan  Sardar Sherbaz Khan Mazari
Durrani  Jam Mir Mohammad Yousaf
 Prince Jam Kamal Khan  Nawab Zulfikar Ali Magsi
 Zafarullah Khan Jamali  General Rahimuddin Khan
 Nawab Nowroz Khan
 General Muhammed Musa
 Mir Gul Khan Naseer  Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry
 Sardar Attaullah Mengal (Chief Justice of Pakistan)
 Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti  Mahmood Khan Achakzai
 Mir Murad Abro  Nawab Ayaz Khan Jogizai

Remember in prayer
Baloch Brothers.