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Photography Assignment

If you want to take more interesting pictures then become a more interesting person. If you are out there shooting, things will happen for you. If youre not out there, youll only hear about it.

Born on Jan 18, 1931. Born in Brooklyn, New York. Studied painting and graphic design at Manhattans Cooper Union and at Yale University. He became a photographer in 1954.

His most famous image was of Miles Davis, which was on the cover of Davis album, Kind of Blue. He is well known for capturing the light, color, and gesture found in every day life. He has shot for annual reports, magazine covers, album covers, advertisings and more. He stopped doing commercial work and has continued to thrive with his personal work.

This is a brilliant picture clicked by Jay Maisel. The top view of the city with the clouds coming in the top too is a brilliant way of making this click look wonderful. The composition of this picture is also amazing.

Jay Maisel is known for his way of showing or observing colors. In this picture, he ahs used color contrast in the pictures composition to enhance the pictures quality. The greens on the header and the footer and the subject being in the middle gives an artistic touch to this picture.

The Statue of Liberty from a top angle view looks brilliant in Jays perception. The extreme long shot of the subject, using the thumbs rule to bring the focus on the subject and the use of the natural light, i.e., the sun light for the background and the shadow of the subject brings a different clarity and sense of naturalness in the picture.

Jay Maisels use of colors in his pictures cannot be compared to any other photographer. The way he has used colors to highlight the window, and therefore bringing focus to the birds sitting on the window is awesome.

Used reflection and law of physics - Explain

Use of colors and background for contrast purposes.

Use of bright colors, making the picture more EYE CATCHING !

Color Contrast and talk about header, footer and the subject, a perfect composition.

Use of LIGHT, only light and no colors, also a brilliant job.

Use of only 2 colors in the pic makes it more commendable shadows

Top view Green background Focus on the subject Subject in contrast to the background

Used the color to make the pic look beautiful

By Jitesh Daga (2140) Roshit sinhal (21xx)