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Open source touch screen solution for Restaurants and Dinings

Restaurant Process & Floreant POS

Restaurants business Challenges Menu system explained Physical Setup of a POS system Workflow of a Waiter Payment process Backend Functionalities Reports Customization

Restaurants business Challenges

Success of a Restaurant Business depends on managing 4 items

Organizing List of foods and price

Fast Delivery of Right Food

Control of Cash & Inventory

Managing Restaurant Workers

Restaurant Menu Example

2 Egg Breakfast with any 2 sides

$ 4.49

Customization 1. Choose 1 Egg type from Scrabled, omlette, boiled, lightly

1. Choose 2 Sides from Fruits, Hashbrown, Potato Fry, Tomato slices 2. Choose 1 Toast from Bagel, Toast, Wheat, Rye

Restaurant Menu Pricing

Different Price for off hours
Different price for Holidays

Different price for food combination

French fry may be $0.89 but if taken with 2 Egg Breakfast it may be only $0.25.

Restaurant Menu

Floreant POS Setup

Standard Installation

1. Back office Computer

2. Touch PC terminals
3. Cash terminal 4. Kitchen Printer

In some small setup everything can be in 1 computer

Touch Computer Order Work Flow

1. Guest(s) enter Restaurant and waits for a table. 2. Food server logs in Touch PC, assign available table and creates a ticket. 3. Usually Beverages are served to all Guests. 4. Guest Orders food. 5. Printed receipt are routed to Kitchen small printer. Cook starts cooking

6. Guest can order more foods and they are added to existing open ticket.
7. In case Food are wasted or rejected, Food server requests manager to Void that food.

Cash Terminal Work flow

1. When Guest finishes, he receives Printed Ticket /Bill and approaches to Cash counter. 2. Sometime Guest can pay other guests ticket. This is called Group settle. 3. In other case 1 ticket may be paid by 2 Guests. So ticket is split.

4. Payment can be either one of the following Cash, Credit, Card, Debit card or partial. There may be discounts and coupons.
5. Gift cards are common. They are accepted like cash. 6. Eligible Guest can get Tax exemption.

Kitchen Activities
1.When Food server edits a Ticket, its printed in Kitchen Printer. 2.For Cancellation of Order Kitchen also finds a void receipt in Kitchen Printer. 3.Kitchen order does not show Beverages 4.Kicthen order does not show price. 5.Kitchen Instructions are not printed in Order Receipt.

Manager Activities
1.Some restaurants hire managers who look after Food servers. They have authority to access cash drawer. Manager has following special access
2. Drawer Pull: When Cash drawer is full Manager empties that, Its called Drawer Pull. He counts money and prints drawer pull report. 3. Cash out: Manager often spend money for various purposes and those are recorded in Drawer bleed or Cash out system on POS. 4. Void Tickets: Manager can void Tickets 5. Pay tips: If client pays tips by Credit Card Manager can pay

Back Office Activities

1.Setup Restaurant Address. Its printed in all Receipts 2.Setup Restaurant Clock and Schedule Drawer pull 3.Create Users types of custom roles and create user 4.Create Food Groups Groups are standard groups 5.Create Individual Menu Item and add price for Modifiers and cooking process. 6.Create Restaurant Shifts and assign price by shifts 7.Create Menu Categories, and add Items there.

8.Pay Gratuity /Tips to Food servers (usually received by Credit card)

9.Create Coupons & Discounts 10.Check activity log & Generate Reports

1. Sales Report by Date & Time


2. Sales balance, Detail and Exception Report

3. Open Ticket Summary & Detail Report

4. Hourly Labor Report with estimates of labor cost 5. Payroll report

6. Sales Summary Key statistics Labor cost, capacity, check types, turn over
7. Sales analysis report with break down of Sales by Groups and Shifts 8. Credit card reports 9. Menu Usage report 10.Server productivity report 11.Journal Report showing log of all Important activities

Auto Drawer Pull

For daily accounting purpose, there is a automatic drawer pull at the end of the day. It can be turned off if not required.

Customization & Support

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