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Awaken your kundalini

There are various methods to awaken our kundalini (latent potential energy), which lies at the base of the spine.
The very powerful and safest method is.

INITIATION Or DEEKSHA (DIKSHA) Whenever a master transmits the experience which has become part of his bio-memory (innate intelligence) into another body to become his biomemory the process is called initiation.

There are 2 methods of Initiations: 1. Making the disciple to sit and create certain mantras, vibrations, in that person 2. Just by a touch telling the disciple to be in restful awareness and able to transmit the formula.

Initiation is not a ceremony or a ritual, Initiation means the click happening in you.

Importance of Initiation: If you sit and listen to those truths from one who has himself experienced those truths and can reproduce the same experience in you, then he is a Master, an Incarnation, and the process is Initiation. Your DNA then gets reprogrammed for enlightenment. Your DNA can be reprogrammed by the right words, right chanting, right initiation from an incarnation whose DNA is completely reprogrammed.

The easiest method to awaken the kundalini energy (latent potential energy) is, by a Living Enlightened Masters,


Following are the Physical and psychological study done on the Inner Awakening(21 days program conducted by Swami Nithyananda) participants who had a powerful initiation by The Avatar, An Incarnation SWAMI PARAMAHAMSA NITHYANANDA.

A Study of Physical , Physiological and Mitochondrial Changes During The Inner Awakening Program Conducted by Paramahamsa Nithyananda At Bidadi, Dec 1st Dec 21st 2010

Principal Investigators
Prof Dr. Krishna Shama Rao MBBS, FRCS(Ed), BDS, MDS, FDSRCS(Eng) PhD Guide, Rajiv Gandhi University Of Health sciences Bangalore

Prof Dr. Smitha Hegde PhD Head, Department of Biotechnology St Aloysius College Mangalore University



Living cell
Every living cell contained in the human body is a complete and intelligent organism by itself. In the human body ,50 trillion cells join together to form an union which allows them to specialize and distribute different duties to different groups of cells. On the other hand, all cells have a number of common components which keep them alive, allow them to replicate, etc irrespective of their specialization

Common component
Thus each cell has certain components which are common across the board . One such common component is the Mitochondria ,which is found in the cytoplasm, and is about 1 micron long. The mitochondria has its own DNA and is believed to have been an independent organism which was engulfed by the living cell and now shares a symbiotic relationship.

Its primary duty

The primary duty is to act as the battery or the energy centre of the cell For e.g. with out mitochondria, one molecule of glucose can be converted to only 2 ATPs ( energy molecule) In mitochondria, same glucose molecule will produce 32 ATPs , which is an increase by 1700 %

DNA of Mitochondria
Unlike a DNA in the nucleus , which is very well protected by a covering called Histones, mitochondrial DNA is naked and is therefore prone to damage very easily.
The repair mechanisms in the mitochondria are not as efficient as in the nucleus.

Ageing and Anti ageing

A damaged mitochondria will produce less energy and more reactive oxygen species (ROS) which leads to cell damage and ageing. Thus ,a highly energized and efficient mitochondria is certainly likely to produce pure ATP and least likely to produce toxic free radicals ( which are a sequelae of unrepaired mitochondrial DNA). This certainly could be one of the key factors in anti-ageing

The study
Dec 1 to Dec 21, 2010, inner awakening ( IA)
134 participants from various parts of the world.

The following physical parameters were studied

Weight , Height , by inference BMI Chest , waist circumference , by inference C/W ratio Fasting blood sugar in diabetics Systolic and diastolic blood pressure in hypertensive'sday 0 and 18

day 0 and 18 day 0 and 18

day 0 and 18

Study of Mitochondria
10 samples of IA participants, randomized, above 50 yrs of age, double blinded -- Day 0 and day 18 10 samples of control ( Non IA ), but volunteering in the ashram , above 50 yrs of age, double blinded -- Day 0 and 18

All samples from day 0 were transported to laboratory immediately as well as on day 18. Testing was done (MTT assay) at , Post Graduate Department of Biotechnology, St Aloysius College, Mangalore University.

All data were handed over to an independent professional biostatistician, Dr. K P Suresh ,Scientist (biostatistics), National Institute Of Animal Nutrition , Bangalore.

In the entire study, all the changes recorded were statistically and strongly significant That is : p value less than 0.001 This is the highest statistical rating possible

Questionnaire Based Analysis

Investigator : Dr. Debbie Chance PhD Education Administration South Carolina United States of America

Improvements in Psychological Conditions Percentage of Participants with Significant Recoveries



63% 60% 60% 58% 58% 57% 50% 50% 48%

Improvements in Physical Conditions Percentage of Participants who had Significant Recoveries




75% 67% 67% 60% 58% 50% 50% 50% 44% 33% 33% 33% 20% 9%

Individuals from the last Inner Awakening reported the following %:

Heightened wakefulness Sleep wakefulness lightness in the body Experienced levitation (lifting off the ground) Experienced heightened senses: taste, touch, smell, etc. Experienced non-verbal communication Body feels fresh, alive, and resilient Have more energy Average number of hours needed for sleep Can function well on less sleep

41% 7% 28% 20% 16% 12% 38% 50% 5.5 46%

Summary and Conclusion

The Mitochondria which is the power house ( battery of the cell) determines the activity , life span , viability of each cell. The phenomenal increase in the Mitochondrial activity (1300%) is extremely unusual and suggests tremendous re-energization of the individual cells . In this study, the cells that were studied were the WBCs, which are not generally as metabolically active as muscle cells. One could expect increased activity of muscle Mitochondria following exercise , yoga etc, but not in the blood cells.

This suggests , that a phenomena other than exercise , Yoga or even diet ( all participants had normal unrestricted vegetarian diet) is responsible for the change in Mitochondrial activity in WBCs In any case the benefits of this program have translated to great changes , not only in physical, physiological parameters, but there has been a tremendous change in the sense of well being, happiness, significant absence of psychosomatic complaints etc , suggesting that , for the first time we are measuring and scientifically quantifying these changes

Come and Experience the Inner Awakening program (21 days) with an Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda.


Inner Awakening is on July 1st to 22nd 2011