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Our Topic is
Motivating Factors Of

United Leasing Co. Ltd.

Objective of the presentation:

To give overall information about United Leasing Co. Ltd. To give information about their motivating factors of ULC To show the findings analysis of this company.

United Leasing Co. Ltd.

United Leasing Company Limited provides equipment leasing for small businesses. United Leasing Company Limited was incorporated on April 27, 1989 as a public limited company under the Companies Act 1913 (currently 1994). The company signed the first lease agreement with the lessee on 12th September 1989. The ULC signed a loan agreement with CDC in London on 27th March 1992. The company issued 75,000 shares on 28th March 1994. Its operation expanded further and the company opened its first branch in Chittagong on 16th June 1994. It traded its shares on Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) for the first time in 23rd June 1994.

Product & Services

1. Investment


Sanchy Scheme Term Deposits Earner Scheme Quick loan

Product & Services

2. Secured Finance: Lease Finance Home Loan Term Finance

Product & Services


Channel Finance:
Work-order Finance Distributor Finance: Revolving Loan Factoring


Corporate Finance
Syndication Loan

The term motivation can be traced to the Latin word movere which means to move. Motivation attempts to influence or cause certain behavior. It is the set of force that cause people to behavior in certain ways. Motivation is the way in which drives or needs direct a persons behavior toward a goal.

Process of Motivation:
Motivation process begins with needs or a deficiency.
To relieve this tension, they exert effort. The grater the tension, the higher the effort level.

Many needs are influenced by environmental factors.

Needs do cause behavior but needs also may result from behavior. Motivation can be seen as a need-satisfying process.

Maslows Hierarchy needs theory:

Maslows hierarchy of needs identifies five levels of needs, They are:
physiological needs
Safety needs Social needs

Esteem needs
Self-actualization needs.

Herzbergs Two Factors Theory:

Motivational Factors
Hygiene Factors

Motivating factors of United Leasing Co. Ltd.(Con.)

At united leasing company follow both motivating factors. Thats why we discuss the both hygiene and motivating factors.

Hygiene factors(con.)
At United Leasing Company here physical working conditions are excellent, as are most of the managers and the quality of supervision. At United Leasing Companys employee follow all the term hygiene factor such as:


Quality of supervision Working conditions

Feelings of job security

Supervision Work Conditions

Motivation Factors:
Many of these exist as a natural byproduct of the type of environment and culture that United Leasing Company maintains, such as new and challenging tasks being available, or specialized and specific tasks for those employees that are interested. Some motivating factors are: Status Gaining recognition Responsibility Challenging / stimulating work Achievement Growth Recognition

Findings Analysis
United Leasing Co. Ltd. (ULC)
Constraints to motivating factors Amount of gratuity is satisfactory Compensation & benefits are neutral They use hygiene & motivating factors

For completing our report, We are very lucky that we have got an opportunity to know about motivating factors of united leasing company. We have tried our best to collect all available data and other information regarding present motivating factors in United Leasing Company Limited. In fact our experience in personal management is not that much.

As we know United Leasing Company follow two factors theory.So our recommendations toward their motivating factors are, They should hold their motivating factors They should more concentrate on their employee benefit. They should hold their positive attitude toward their employees, They should increase their organization. They should follow their actual motivating factors