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Social Change Campaign

Susan Fleming and Jordan Lange

Its morally reprehensible

Vicki Escarra, President and CEO, Feeding America

Here in the U.S.

We spend more than $167 million every day on obesity related diseases

We spend more than $78 million every day on food purchased then tossed

We spend more than $73 million every day on weight loss programs and products

Amount per day that would allow us to feed the hungry:

about $20 million

World Leadersin obesity?

1 in 8 people rely on the community for food According to the Hunger in America 2010 study, around 142,000 men, women and children depend on emergency food assistance from a food pantry, soup kitchen, or other food distribution center served by the GCFD

Deciding Factors
Why focus here?
-We can make a difference -Two opposite yet absolute societal issues -Create a framework for others

Executives/Employees at SXC Health Solutions:

-Are 40+, putting them at increased health risks -Have disposable income. -Environment where eating healthy is inconvenient -Are measurable and willing (mostly) participants

SXC Corporate Vision/Identity/Mission:

-Vision- our passion for taking care of clients and our reputation for transforming innovative ideas into real world answers that speed client healthcare agendas forward. -Nourish 4 LIFE CREATES VISIBLE SYNERGY WITH SXC BRAND IDENTITY, BOTH internally and externally.

Taking Action!
Campaign Objective -Establish weight loss commitments, personal/group -Give back to others who need the food more than us Tactics -Frequent and varied communications and team building activities to stay on track -Periodic solicitation for donations Target

-14 SXC senior managers, aged 40+

Taking Action!
-Group weight loss: 370 pounds -$1,000 by mid March

-$3,000 by end of program

Ethical Principles
Confucius Golden Mean
Supporting Principle
Mills Principle of Utility
Applicable Principle
Aristotles Mean

The Campaign
January 18-June 30
SXC Cares tracking donations- C.S.R.

The Campaign - Community

The Campaign- Weigh in

The Campaign

Get Fit Challenge!

109.5 pounds lost so far, next weigh-in next Tuesday
$1,300 raised so far Matched by SXC = $2,600

-Already raised enough money to feed 26 people fed for a whole year! Already surpassed donation goal! -Weight lost -Employees feel cared for -Brand-strengthening C.S.R. -Framework for future

-Managing slackers -The environment -Collecting $$ -Maintaining morale -Creating incentives on the fly

Campaign Sustainability
For the Participants

-Bi Weekly
-Monthly to stay on track For the Company

-Publish results and framework

-SXC matches donations For Others -PR- placeholder for names -Trade associations, ie. SHRM Social Media

Screen Shot of letter from CEO

Making a difference
Through Nourish 4 LIFE efforts and donations, weve raised enough people to feed 26 people for a whole year. ($1,300 x 2 (SXC match)).
When you put this in the context of the City of Chicago, we have impacted 2.36 city blocks: According to the US Census, there are 2.59 persons per household in the City of Chicago. There are about 30 houses per city block, or about 87.7 people. According to the GCFD, $100 feeds one person for a year. If $2,600 is feeding 26 people and one in eight depend on the food depository, then we have taken care of 208 people, or 2.36 city blocks.


Thank You