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Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning

))Cognitive domain
Tests help motivate
students and reinforce
their learning while at the
same time allowing us to
assess their mastery of
Tests need to do more than
cover content

:Tests need to
Cover larger objectives
Develop critical thinking skills
Bloom's Taxonomy
of the cognitive domain
comprises six levels of
intellectual behaviors.
Cognitive Domain
.Knowledge •
.Comprehension •
.Application •
.Analysis •
.Synthesis •
.Evaluation •
Verbs that Express Learning
Outcomes or Competencies

Arrange Order
Define Quote
Duplicate Recognize
Know Recall
Label Repeat
List Reproduce
Match Restate
Memorize Retain
Characterize Express
Classify Identify
Complete Illustrate
Depict Locate
Describe Recognize
Discuss Report
Establish Relate
Explain Review
Translate Sort
Administer Implement
Apply Interpret
Calculate Operate
Choose Perform
Compute Practice
Conduct Prescribe
Demonstrate Role play
Dramatize Sketch
Employ Solve
Analyze Distinguish
Appraise Examine
Categorize Experiment
Compare Explore
Contrast Inventory
Critique Investigate
Diagram Question
Differentiate Research
Discriminate Test
Combine Integrate
Compose Merge
Consolidate Organize
Construct Plan
Create Propose
Design Synthesize
Formulate Systematize
Hypothesize Theorize
Write Unite
Appraise Inspect
Argue Judge
Assess Justify
Critique Rank
Defend Rate
Envision Review
Estimate Value
Evaluate Examine
Some Practical Tips
Don't wait until the last moment to prepare •
.your exam
Have a friend, colleague, or your TAs review •
.the last
Ask students to submit possible exam •
.Allow students to comment on test questions •
.Ask for students' feedback about the exam •