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A Public-Private Partnership Initiative

Suvarna Karnataka Growth Corridor for Inclusive Growth & Prosperity

Public-Private Partnerships

Successful Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) leverage private sector strengths & resources to improve the quality, efficiency and delivery, while maintaining an appropriate level of public sector control.

Bangalore The Magnet of Growth Karnataka has achieved high rate of industrial growth in
past decade However this growth has been uneven and has created geographical disparities Bangalore has become the industrial hub & growth engine while other cities remain underdeveloped This has resulted in unmanageable growth of Bangalore with severe infrastructure bottlenecks This is unsustainable and industries are being forced to look at other states with better infrastructure facilities

Tier II Cities Underdeveloped

Governments effort to decongest Bangalore and attract investment in tier-II cities have not been successful Primary reason behind this is poor connectivity & lack of social infrastructure in tier-II cities This has also created large scale migration of skilled and unskilled labor from hinterland to Bangalore While Bangalore continues to prosper & grow, Karnataka is still by & large agricultural economy Now it has become a serious social & political issue and needs urgent attention

All Inclusive Growth of Karnataka ? centered around South Karnataka Industrial Growth has
cities of Bangalore, Mysore and Mangalore North Karnataka is primarily dependent on agricultural with majority of land being rain fed with little irrigation It is extremely dry region and failure of monsoon results in severe hardship to its farmers resulting in suicides Government needs to find ways to attract industry to other parts of Karnataka, specially NORTH KARNATAKA This NORTH-SOUTH divide has to be bridged for an equitable and inclusive growth of Karnataka

What is the Solution ?

A North-South Suvarna Karnataka Growth Corridor 8 Lane Access Controlled Highway Connecting

Bidar to Bangalore
via Gulbarga, Bijapur, Hospet & Chitradurga with branches/loops connecting Hubli, Belgaum, Mysore, Hassan, Shimoga & Raichur & Port Connectivity to Karwar & Mangalore
Create Infrastructure (China!) & They Will Come

Proposed SKGCs

North-South Corridor

BLR-Chitradurga-Hubli-Belgaum (NH-4) Chitradurga-Hospet-Bijapur (NH-13) Bijapur-Jevargi-Gulbarga-Bidar (SH)

East-West Corridors
BLR-Hassan-MLR (NH-48) Bellary-Hospet-Hubli-Karwar (NH-63)

Branch/Loop Corridors
Mysore-Hassan-Shimoga (SH) Hospet-Raichur (SH) Chitradurga-Shimoga-Mangalore (NH-13)

Industrial Estates/SEZs on SKGC

Invite private enterprises (PPP) to set-up Industrial Estates
Growth Corridors at approximately every 100 km These IEs and SEZs should be away from City Centers and preferably midway between two major cities These should be fully self sufficient with industrial, residential, commercial, social, cultural and educational facilities To make these self sustainable, area should be around 1000 hectares or more Look for locations where wasteland is available in plenty to avoid acquisition of agricultural land & SEZs all along

Suggested Locations for IEs/SEZs

BLR-Chitradurga-Hubli-Belgaum (NH-4)
Sira (Tumkur), Hiriyur (Chitradurga), Anagodu (Davangere), Shiggaon (Haveri),
Kittur (Belgaum)


(NH-13) (SH)

Kudligi (Bellary), Kushtagi (Koppal), Hungund (Bagalkot), Mangoli (Bijapur)


Sindgi (Bijapur), Jevargi (Gulbarga), Homnabad (Bidar)

Make Homnabad (Bidar) a Satellite to HYD as Hosur is to BLR (via existing NH-9) Bellary-Hospet-Hubli-Karwar


Hospet, Koppal, Gadag, Yellapur (Uttar Kannad)

Economic Benefits
Bridging of North-South Divide
Bidar To Bangalore economic growth corridor will transform the hinterland of Karnataka and will make it a leading industrial state of the nation. It will create evenly distributed economic and industrial clusters leading to equitable growth and prosperity of the state


Specific IEs/SEZs

Industrial Estates and SEZs could develop along the regional competence and resource availability say mining related SEZs in Bellary and Food Processing SEZ in Bijapur

Investment/Employment Potential Total of 16 IEs/SEZs will bring around 1,60,000 Crore of investment at the
least and will provided employment for at least 16 Lakh people on a conservative estimate

Next Steps
In-principle acceptance of Suvarna Karnataka Growth Corridor Concept A cabinet decision to implement SKGC over next 5 years. Suitable funding provision in the current budget GoK should work with NHAI to make NH-13 a 4 lane toll-way - ChitradurgaHospet-Bijapur section 389 Km - on cost share basis. Cost 2000 Cr SH stretches Bijapur-Jevargi-Gulbarga-Bidar - 277 Km, should be taken-up immediately by GoK for conversion to 4 lane toll road Cost Rs. 1500Cr GoK should call for EoI from private parties to set-up IEs/SEZs along NH-4 which is part of NHAIs GQ and already a 4 lane toll road at following locations Sira (Tumkur), Hiriyur (Chitradurga), Anagodu (Davangere), Shiggaon (Haveri), Kittur (Belgaum)

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