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Brand Positioning of PepsiCo

Made by: Abhishek dhawan

This project talks about various activities adopted by PepsiCo to occupy a distinctive place and value in the target customers mind. This project helps us understand how each of its competitor is positioning their business today.


To determine the preference levels of Pepsi in comparison to the other CSD brands. To determine the visibility of Pepsi on the dealer outlets. To find out the customer's perception about various Pepsi products. To find out the various factors influencing purchase of Pepsi. To find out the expectations of the customers from the company.

Research Methodology
Research is a process of steps used to collect and analyze information to increase our understanding of a topic or issue The system of collecting data for research projects is known as research methodology. This includes the overall design, data collection method, field survey and the analysis of data. Research includes gathering both primary and secondary data.

Primary Data:-Primary data is the first hand data, which are selected fresh and thus happen to be original in character. Primary data is crucial to know various customers and past consumer views. Primary data was collected directly from the executives and employees of the company. It involved taking their views over telephone or through a questionnaire Secondary data:-Secondary data are those which have been collected by someone else and which have already been passed through statistical process. Secondary data has been collected from books, newspaper, Magazines, Internet, Company websites and pamphlets.


Preference level is more of Pepsi products in comparison to coke. Coca Cola provides better packaging quality than Pepsi. One of the factors which influences purchase of Pepsi or coke is promotional activities other than that there is hardly any difference among the two. People are also aware of the food brands offered by PepsiCo. Pepsi is able to establish itself as a product that tastes better than Coke in the mind of the customer.


After analyzing various facts the conclusion is that PEPSI is growing day by day They currently have an edge over other soft drink producers in the market. The company just needs to reform its rules, create more global awareness, However, the company, if concentrates on the following factors will be able to face tough challenges: Technology Quality Brand competition Price competition, etc.

It should maintain its concept of offering new products to customers. Pepsi should create products that can be considered healthy alternatives to their customers. They should focus on the attractiveness of their product.