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Major Plate # 2:

S u b m i t t e d To :

Archt. Rey S. Gabitan

Submitted By:

Rezano, Mila M.

Loon, Dabie Lee R.

Project Concept

Lithe Expo Centre

The project will be an open planning exposition center for different exhibits and events to comply on the setting. It will contribute to the ever developing future of the Filipino culture by highlighting the importance of cooperation and interaction of people and providing and sustainable life environment to the use of green techniques.

To become a landmark of the Philippines To represent the modern architecture To provide a centre that offers diverse activities, facilities, and opportunities which will uplift, promote, and pass on the culture of Filipino. To emphasize the Sense of place Bring into one structure a leisure and cultural capital for the Philippines Provide a means for the Filipino to be globally competitive but with a local leadership Provide a vision for green growth through use of sustainable and green strategies Stress the importance of cooperation

Reception Area Exhibition/ Exposition Hall/ Conference/Forum Area (Open Planning) Passenger And Freight Elevators/ Escalator Area Fire Exits Amenities Landscaped Area

Parking Area
Comfort Rooms MRF/ admin office, utilities, services, storage

Design Philosophy
Designing through the needs of all and with the flow of new generation The design philosophy stated that the proposed development will be built for the use of the society that will be competitive in the present

and future time. The exposition center will give the countrys iconic
image that will serve as a tourist destination.

Design Concept
Befitting Exposition Centre
The design concept will be suitable in reflecting Philippines culture, by which the proposed development is a revolutionary momentous mark of the country through sustainable and green strategies and approach of folding architecture, in which the design is for the society.

Building Concept

Fluid Architecture + Iconic Design + Green Strategies = Synergistic Architecture A building that will be embraced by people, to become an iconic landmark, through the provisions of enjoyable functions. The structure that showcasing the lightness and evolution of architecture but remain its firmness and solidity of design.


Synergistic Architecture

To b e a d a p t e d


( a l o n g M a c a p a g a l Av e . , P a s a y C i t y )



Distance: A-B: B-C: C-D: D-E: E-A: 155 161 164 155 296 m m m m m

Area: 4.72 ha

5 Km radius The map shows the accessibility of the proposed development.

The site is surrounded by hospitals, schools, commercial and business establishments, government and public facilities and developments.

The site is located at coastal area.

1. Reclamation Area 2. Coastal Margin ( the low lying flat strip of land east of Manila Bay with an elevation of less than 5 meters above mean sea level) 3. Former Tidal Flats (Coastal Landscape) 4. Flood free but prone into tsunami, ground shaking and liquefaction 5. Commercial and Industrial Land use 6. Ranked 12th in the population size in NCR 7. Area: 4.72 hectare 8. Surrounds/ Adjacent to the Public and Private existing developments Airport Mall of Asia LRT and MRT stations Government Buildings e.g. CCP Manila Bay

SWOT Analysis
STRENGTHS The site is a flat land and flood free area. The site is accessible and located in a stabilized area WEAKNESSES There is no existing significant vegetation OPPORTUNITIES Near the airport THREATS Noise and waste / air pollution Since the site is a reclaimed area its greatest threat is the water that surrounds it

Near at existing public developments in Metro Manila

Along mode of transportation