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A Study of the Supply Chain at Dalsey

Hillblom Lynn


Mission Statement

DHL enhances the business of our customers by offering highest quality express and logistics solutions based on strong local expertise combined with the most extensive global network presence

DHL Overview
DHLs parent company Deutsche Post World Net is the worlds leading logistics group. With revenues of more than 63 billion and 500,000 employees in more than 220 countries and territories it is one of the biggest employers worldwide.
Largest Courier and Express provider in Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East /Africa Ranked 3rd worldwide
8 million customers 36 Hubs and 4,700 bases 350 aircraft, 72,000 vehicles 59 countries and territories 2,500 logistics centers, warehouses, terminals 23million m2 storage capacity 150 countries and territories 813 terminals & warehouses 4.4million t Air; 2.8miliion TEU Ocean

Worlds No.1 in Warehousing, Distribution & Contract Logistics

Worlds No.1 in Air and Ocean Freight

Europes No. 2 in Road Freight

30 countries and territories 160 terminals 2million full truck load movements
Cross-border solutions for business mail, publication distribution, direct marketing and merchandise

Largest worldwide network for Mail Distribution

It implies estimating the time requires for collecting the goods from the door step of the sender and then estimating the time for the goods to reach the final customer. DHL owns its success for the efficiency with which the operations are carried out. They are given a certain password which they can use to trace via online or their customer service helpline.

DHL Supply Chain

Individual Customers drop DHL Office DHL Pack pickup drop Corporate Customers

Central Location Office

Region sorting and bulk packing local

Local or National / International


Regional Hub Distribution if local

DHL Supply Chain (Contd.)

Airport courier Air India or Kingfisher Passenger
Cargo or Courier

cargo Blue Dart Flights

Destination / Hub truck Destination Warehouse truck no

Destination found?

Reverse logistics to sender

DHL Office at Destination

yes Destination

Inbound Logistics
Procurement Services: DHL's procurement specialists can deliver
substantial cost savings on a wide range of non-core products; everything from promotional materials and consumables, to work wear, operational spare parts and other goods not-for-resale.

Raw material warehousing: Irrespective of the industry sector,

DHL provides raw materials warehousing services, by understanding the production processes and anticipating business and logistics needs.

Transportation: Company helps moving products from manufacturing

plants to warehouses, between international, national, and regional facilities and to distributors.

Outbound Logistics

Inbound To Manufacturing (For the client): DHL solutions

provide complete end-to-end logistics management of inventories, facilities, and labour associated with the inbound flow of materials to make sure that right material reach the right destination at the right time in right state.

In-plant Logistics: DHL in-plant services help you cut costs,

increase productivity, and get the best out of clients most valuable resource: clients employees.

Value Added Services

Contract packing: It involves the integration of outsourced

packing operations into distribution centres, to increase flexibility and streamline fulfilment. DHL offers a comprehensive co-packing service, including the repacking of finished products to support product launches, promotions and customization for local markets. DHL offers additional packing solutions, including packaging design and packaging materials procurement, as well as environmentally friendly transit packaging.

Inventory Management & Warehousing

Finished Goods Warehousing:
DHL provides customized warehouses to their clients. Their services include- Rail-connected warehousing, Automation and auto-sortation systems, Cross-docking. At Main Collection offices To store materials if on delay or on Sundays before material is sent to consumers. At hub airport DHL has warehouse at airports in main hub locations i.e., Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmadabad, Hyderabad & Bangalore to store materials on delay of flights.

Main Warehouse outside Octroi All cities have a DHL Warehouse outside octroi limits to store materials which are incoming and are subject to octroi charges and are not cleared. E.g.

Home delivery: DHL provides home delivery service to its
customers by combining distribution centre operations with their home and office delivery operations, DHL helps service customers more efficiently and effectively.

In-store Logistics: DHL's in-store logistics service can ready

the product for presentation to the public, so that their customer's retail staff dont have to. Even better, all this can be done overnight.

Service Parts Logistics: DHL provides spare parts to their

clients' customers within an agreed time period. help them to anticipate and prepare for that demand

Reverse Logistics

This service deals with bringing back the un-delivered goods or obsolete goods.

Other Facilities
Barcode Scanning at milestone locations
Preparation of Online Waybills (a document attached to goods in transit specifying their nature, point of origin, and destination as well as the route to be taken and the rate to be charged) Online booking of consignments collect pickup Last 99 days shipping records available through the website

DHL Express SMS

Innovative Supply Chain Development

Supply Chain Management services are delivered across industry sectors and provide expertise, knowledge and resources in terms of personnel and supply chain tools.
The services are as follows: Strategic Logistics Consulting Lead Logistics Provider Consulting and providing Transport optimization: Route-Pro and Trans-Pro Consulting and providing Supply Chain Design Consulting and providing Transportation Engineering, optimization and re-engineering Implementation and Project Management Process Management Outsourcing

DHL Innovations


with uninterrupted temperature monitoring during the entire transport and at the reloading points.

RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) : It make data readings possible without opening the package.
Temperature fluctuations are thus eliminated. RFID contains a chip which has all the information of the consignment. RFID system is used to optimize the tracking, loading and control of incoming goods.