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Submarine has ballast tanks that can be emptied or filled with water to control the depth of the submarine

in the water. Air is less dense than water By changing the amount of water in the ballast tanks, a submarine can rise or sink in water.

Plastics balls and metal spheres are attached to fish net so that the nets can stay a float in water. Why? Air is less dense than water. Metal is denser than water.

Helium or Hydrogen is used in meteorological balloons. Why? Helium or Hydrogen is less than air.

Floats filled with air can help people swim Why? Because air is less dense than water



At high pressure, Gas turns to Liquid

At low pressure, Liquid turns to Gas



List down any resources on Earth that you can think of?

Walking walking walking and you found?



Living things




A layer of Air known as atmosphere surrounds the Earth Air consists of :oxygen nitrogen carbon dioxide water vapour inert gases dust microorganisms

Human, animals and plants cannot survive without water. Sources:-

Oceans Seas Rivers Lakes Rainfalls Groundwater

Soil is the outer layer of the Earth. Soil is commonly seen as a medium that supports plant growth. Soil includes: Organic litter such as fallen leaves, twigs, fruits and animal droppings and carcasses on the soil surfaces Humus formed from decompositions of the organic litter Microorganisms living in the soil.

Green plants make their own food. Green plants use light energy from the Sun to make their own food through a process called PHOTOSYNTHESIS. Aquatic plants and animals on Earth are considered as resources on Earth. Plants grow and animals live for human to sustain their own life too. For FOOD.

Minerals occur naturally on land, seas and oceans. Some examples are : Iron Zinc Aluminium Tin Silver Gold

Minerals are important in human body. Minerals are needed for human system to function well. Minerals are also required by plants for healthy growth. Some minerals are useful as raw materials for various industries. (Eg: Gold and Silver)

Fossil fuels are formed from the remains of animals and plants that died in millions of years ago. There are 3 types of fossil fuels : Petroleum Natural gas Coal

Fossil fuels are used in power stations to generate

electricity, motor vehicles and machines. Petroleum is separated into different parts known as FRACTIONAL DISTILLATION

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