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Special education school of Kilkis, Greece.

Special education school of K Kilkis, Greece.

Special education school of Kilkis, Greece.

After the end of carnival, we have in Greece Ash Monday. That day we use to eat at the countryside and we fly a kite. .

That day, we eat many tasty and lenten foods, such as unleavened bread for first day of Lent, halva, bean soap, shellfish, pickle, preserved roe..


spring sacrifice of and before Christ. Easter, for This kind of forty days, we food is based on use to eat lenten Mediterranean food. diet. Many people are fasting for the


Lent, we have Easter, one of the most signifying religious period, about sacrifice of Christ. Returning from church, we use to eat soap eaten at Easter.

of Easter people go to countryside to impale goats, clink and eat boiled red eggs according to the tradition and large bun.

Bean soap. Ingredients Half kilo medium beans 1 big onion

a cup olive oil

3-4 carrots

1 1 tbsp tomato paste

3 celeries

some salt and pepper

Bean soap. Preparation 1. Soak the beans in plenty of water evening. In the morning rinse and boil in salted water for 20 minutes. 2. Stain, put back in the pot and add enough water to cover everything beans, about two fingers. Put the grated onion, carrots and celery cut into chunks and tomato paste and olive oil.

Bean soap.
Preparation 3. Boil the soup over medium heat, covered the pot and about half an hour then add some salt and pepper. The boil even 20 minutes and ready!!!!

Large bun. Ingredients 2 pounds of flour

200 grams fresh yeast or 6 tbsp dry yeast A cup of warm water A tbsp machlepi 3 cups of sugar

Large bun. Ingredients 10 eggs

1 tsp of salt

a cup of hot milk

2 tbsp vegetable oil a half cup of hot melted butter

Large bun. Preparation 1. In a large bowl add the warm water and dissolve the yeast. Pour enough flour and stir until it has doubled in volume. 2. in a large bowl put the sugar, spices, salt and vegetable oil. Pour the hot milk and stir.

Large bun. Preparation 3. Add the eggs and work the mixture of light with hand, breaking the yolk. 4. Add the yeast and then the flour in installments, working the mixture with hands, without kneading, until the flour moistened.

Large bun. Preparation 5. Then we take the butter with handfuls and throwing it over the dough, fold it many times, until the butter is all over. The dough should be warm, soft and buttered.

Large bun.
Preparation 6. Cover with greaseproof paper and then wrapped in a blanket. Let it stand in a warm place until doubled in volume (1-2 hours). The dough is ready when the pressing it gently with your finger, the imprint remains.

Large bun. Preparation 7. On floured surface, shape the dough pieces gently braid and braided pigtails.

Large bun.
Preparation 8. Put the two pigtails into two oven trays layered with greaseproof paper, screener with cotton towels and leave in a warm, humid place, till they double in size to 20 minutes.

Large bun.
Preparation 9. Smear the surface with yolk diluted with a little water. Bake the buns with rows creatures in 200 degrees celsius, for 20 minutes. Should not be overcooked, because it dries easily.

Large bun. Preparation 10. Finally, prepare the glaze with a cup of icing sugar, vanilla and 1-2 tbsp of water and put over the buns. is very tasty!!!!!


The spring, when the weather improves, children seek to play with their friends in the neighborhood, the village, the schoolyard, outside of the classroom and the home. The spring happy to play hide and chase!!!

A popular game-custom, is the flying of kite, which takes place every year only on Ash Monday, following the tradition. Flying the kite is done in the countryside. The joy of children is great, as try to fly the kite as high as possible, as long as weather conditions favor.

The flying of kite.

Games are often played at school and to achieve interaction, communication and social adjustment, following rules and directions, are


Children create a circle going around and around the chairs as long as music is playing. The chairs are a less than the kids. Once the music stops the children must catch up to sit in a chair. The child would not have time to sit, leaves the game. Every time a child is not sitting, pull out a chair until we have two children and one chair. The child will manage to stay until the end, is the winner.

2) The tree of Spring. In a tree with branches, the child try to stick a leaf on a branch. Other children help directing with verbal instructions, such as updown, left-right.

special education school of Greece, Kilkis.

1) A beautiful butterfly. A beautiful butterfly(twice) in a garden once flaunt and spread her blue wings. Shines red splashes (twice) in her blue wings shines red splashes in her blue wing.

A beautiful butterfly.

All the time turns (twice) and greets the flowers when sitting in one when leave and fly. When winter comes (twice) drops down and die and when summer comes alive and fly.

3) Do not talk about love anymore.

A spring, a cloud, golden rain danced in a plain mature until morning. Like ears of corns on my shoulders, solved golden hair, like ear of corn danced, like ears of countless were the kisses. Do not talk about love anymore, love is always in the heart, eyes, lips eats, eats the mind. When we suffer morning will tell us, will be gone, will be back and all over again.

Do not talk about love anymore.

One the sea, one the sun, white gulls, sea and sun sweet girl, hot morning. Morning and i opened your two petals with a kiss and you gave me all spring in a truck. Do not talk about love anymore, love is always in the heart, eyes, eats lips, eats the mind. When we suffer morning will tell us, will be gone, will come back and all over again.

Do not talk about love anymore.

Yesterday was love, yesterday was cloudy, golden rain. Yesterday was sea, gull who danced until the morning. Now is the silence, now is the forgetfulness and separation and all the stars you think that erased the sky. Do not talk about love anymore, love is always in the heart, eyes, eats the lips, eats the mind. When we suffer, morning will tell us, will be gone, will come back and all over again.

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