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Machine Tools
Working with metals requires use of machine tools depending on type of operation performed on it.

Types of Machine Tools

Some of the popular workshop machines from Bhavya Machine Tools for metal working arLathe Machine Lathe Machine Drill Machine Milling Machine Grinding Machine Press Brake

Hydraulic Press
Sheet Bending Machine

Power Press

Lathe Machine
Lathe machine is a device used in work shop to shape metal objects with symmetrical physical properties about the axis of rotation. Popular forms of lathe machine include CNC lathe machine, V-belt driven lathe machine, roll turning lathe and all geared lathe machine.

Drill Machine
Machines used for drilling holes into hard metal surfaces are known as drilling machines. Drilling machines offer much accuracy, speed and quality of drilling operations on metals .

Milling Machine
Milling machines are used to cut and shape solid materials like metal, wood, brass etc. Some popular forms of milling machines are vertical milling machine, geared drive milling machine, vertical turret milling machine etc.

Grinding Machine
A grinding machine is used to grind metals and various other materials in order to finish their surfaces for higher accuracy, less roughness and better quality. Popular varieties of grinding machine tools are surface grinders, cylindrical grinding machine and centerless grinding machine.

Press Brake
A press brake is a machine tool used for bending of metal sheets. Press brake forms predetermined bends by clamping the workpiece between a matching punch and die.

Sheet Bending Machine

The metal sheet bending machines like hand operated trunk folding machine, plate bending machine and fly press can greatly simplify the metal bending tasks employed at metal working shops.

Hydraulic Press and Power Press

Hydraulic press and power press machines have important applications for metal working in a workshop. These are sheet metal forming machines used for cutting, pressing, bending and forming sheet metals into diverse shapes and sizes.

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