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Is it for a nation enough to go to war with other nations, to develop and prosper? Of course, apart from politics, it is necessary something else. These are literacy, religion and culture. In the Middle Ages it was interlaced, and we will see why.
- Slavs suffered impact from two sides for two reasons. Upon them are directly influenced by stronger nations and states, the Franks and Byzantines, and they wanted to impose the Christian faith and its power. One without the other, in fact, could not go. - Karantanians (Slovenian today) the strongest attack suffered from Bavaria and the local christian diocese. Acceptance of christianity and the Frankish power, part of Karantanians assimilated by Germans.

- Slavs along the coast are suffering the impact of the coastal towns, which were under the rule of the Byzantine Empire, and also were the religious centers.
- When the cities for their cooperation opened its gates, the Slavs made ethnic influence on the Romans in cities, but are themselves converted to christianity by Roman people. - West end of the Balkans (Karantanians, Croats) have suffered christian influence of the Catholic church and the Pope in Rome. - East end of the Balkans have suffered the impact from Byzantine centers. The strongest there was a real and actual power of the Byzantine officials, which is in the coastal cities and their wider environment.

Constantine (Cyril) and Methodius

- It happened to the Serbs. The process of converting to christianity is not performed in all Serbian lands at the same time. Christianity was first received by the ruler and nobility about him, but a lot of people later came under the influence.
- The last are, of Serbian tribes, christianity received Neretljani, whose territory was called and Pagania, just because they are strongly relied on the faith of their ancestors. - Byzantine missionaries were christianised, as South Slavs and Western Slavs. On the invitation of duke of the Great Moravia principality, the Byzantine emperor sent Greek missionaries from Thessaloniki, Constantine (monk Cyril) and Methodius, to spread eastern christianity.

Serbian lands in early Middle ages

- For this purpose, Cyril created the first Slavic alphabetglagolitsa, basis on language of the Macedonian Slavs. The missionaries had a lot of obstacles by Bavarian catholic bishops, who are considered that this territory its zone of their influence. Work of Greek monk in Great Moravia principality had no a major impact on the local Slavs.
- As an illustration, see the film Serbs and christianity

Great Moravia