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1.Handmade Paper
Objective : To reduce the amount of paper waste generated by offices; To reduce the demand for paper made from virgin wood fibre; To save our Planet Earth from Global Warming and Greenhouse Effect; To stop deforestation and to save our forest reserves

To produce 1 tonne of paper from virgin pulp require 17 large trees, which leads to more tree cut and more deforestation. -When forests are cleared, natural habitats are destroyed or disrupted -Cutting down old forests leads to a loss of diversity. -Trees also serve a function of soaking up carbon dioxide, which is one of the main greenhouse gases that accelerates global warming.

Handmade paper Benefits are :

Use of non-wood raw materials, thus saving trees. Made with pollution free methods as solar energy is used extensively.

Acid free.
Higher tensile, bursting, tearing and double-fold strength as compared to mill made paper. Fine and elegant quality.

2.Hand made paper products:

-More the selling of handmade products, more the saving of trees. -Along with it, production of handmade products also provide solution of unemployment to great extent.

-Paper products are :- Paper bags, Retail bags, Fast food bags, Hand made paper books , Multi wall bags(bags often are used to ship large quantities of heavy materials) -Hand made paper products are alternative for plastic bags and plastic products.

3.Eco Wheels
-Automobiles are presently responsible for about 20% of global energy consumption and the effluents from internal combustion engines (ICEs) in cars pollute our environment.

-Electric vehicles (EVs) offer considerable promise to reduce the negative impacts of automobiles on the environment.

-EVs are far more efficient than ICE vehicles in converting energy into motion. - Eco-Vehicles improves road safety as well as the quality of the local and global environment and saves fuel and costs.
-Additionally Eco-Vehicle provides direct benefits to the drivers and the passengers more comfort and a relaxed atmosphere. -Eco-Vehicles reduces noise pollution as well as air, land and water pollution

4.Eco furniture
-Objective : Save Trees, Save the Environment, Save the Planet. - Eco-furnitures made with endurable materials can be easily separated and re-recycled, representing an easier, softer way to go green in your home. - The Global Warming and Greenhouse Effects have started threatening man to stop the overuse of wood. - Eco-friendly furnitures are aimed towards less use of wood and more use of waste products and other products

5.Eco Fan
Object : Save Energy, Save the Environment. -Eco - Fan is a soundless, powerful ( up to150 cfm ) fan that stands on top of woodstove to help distribute warm air throughout your house but doesn't use electricity. -This environment friendly freestanding heatpowered Eco-Fan is designed to improve the efficiency of a wood stove by circulating the warm air produced by the stove. -When placed on top of a heated surface, the Eco-Fan generates its own electricity. -Temperatures of operation range from 150 degrees to 700 degrees Farenheit. -The Eco-Fan does not use any batteries or external electrical connections. -The fan has a thermoelectric module which acts as a small generator to power the fan's motor

6.Eco shoes
-Objective : Save trees & animals, save the Biosphere. -Continuous use of leather resulted in a threat to the wildlife resource and then the ecosystem -The Eco-Shoes are shoes, which can be recycled and reused. - Today, numerous shoe making organisations are coming forward with ecofriendly shoes.

- These footwears mostly comprises of Recycled rubber, recycled plastics, waste products, textiles, and other synthetic products

7.Eco- friendly paints

-The use of Eco Paints ensures a healthier body and greener environment to live.

-The Eco-Paints are Non-toxic with zero VOC (Volatile Organic Content) and have no odour and can be tinted to any colour your heart or home desires with non-toxic tints. - Eco Paints are also safe for the chemically sensitive.
-The Eco-Paints are produced from fewer than 250 chemical components and more than 98 % of these chemicals are naturally derived from plant sources and minerals. Most of the ingredients have been used for centuries or more

8.Solar Products
Objective : Save Energy, Save Environment -Solar products are innovative mechanisms that help conserve energy, thus, help maintain the ecosystem. -Solar products are environmentally friendly and are usually cost effective as well. -Solar Products include items such as solar hot water heaters, solar heating systems, solar panels, solar flashlights, small radios, solar calculators, solar battery chargers, solar lanterns, solar lighting, solar car batteries etc

9.Handicraft Products
-Objective : To prevent animal cruelty & deforestation and promote kindness to animals & trees worldwide. -The products which are made of leather, wood or any other parts of animal such as ivory, bones, horns, etc. are not eco-friendly products. These product are generally made by killing animals, birds or cutting trees, which results in deforestation and extinction of animals. -Eco-Friendly Handicraft Items are of made of jutes, waste materials, handmade paper products, polywood products, fabric products, handmade greeting cards, recycled bottles, recycled products, biodegradable products, etc. -In the making of Handicrafts Items there is less use of energy. As the products are mostly made in homes