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Jon Ingram Mike Ciurylo

The car must be equipped with a braking system that acts on all four wheels and is operated by a single control. It must have two independent hydraulic circuits such that in the case of a leak or failure at any point in the system, effective braking power is maintained on at least two wheels. Each hydraulic circuit must have its own fluid reserve, either by the use of separate reservoirs or by the use of a dammed, OEMstyle reservoir. The brake system must be capable of locking all four (4) wheels during braking test. Brake-by-wire systems are prohibited.


Reverse Mount Pedal 6:1 ratio Adjustable

Wilwood TM1 Tandem MC 5/8 Bore 1.31 Stroke Compact Design Lightweight Mounting Bracket

Weight transfer to front during braking Lower pressure to rear caliper 62% Front 38% Rear Adjustable


Withstand master cylinder pressure Flexible: pedals and front calipers Hard Line: rear caliper and to front flex Fittings

Master Cylinder Proportioning Valve


Wilwood PS1 Caliper 2 Pistons Piston Area: 0.79 in2 Weight: 0.93 lbs

Material: 420 Stainless Steel Dimensions: 7 OD 3/16 thick Mass: 1.22 lbs Floating Design


Price Each


Price Total

Pedal Assembly
Master Cylinder Calipers Brake Pads (4) Proportioning Valve Brake Line Steel (20') Brake Line Flex (12") Brake Line Flex (22") Fittings (kit) Rotor Material (24"x24")

97.14 91.74 47.03 45.30 45.78 7.98 13.84 39.95 205.63

1 3 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 Total

97.14 275.22 94.06 45.30 45.78 15.96 27.68 39.95 205.63 904.72