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Lesson 12 Controversial Contents



A controversial content is information that causes disagreement in opinions and may cause the disruption of peace because different people or culture will have different views about the contents.


The controversial contents in Malaysia are focused to pornography and slander. Both of these materials are illegal. Pornographic and slanderous activities can be in the forms of plots and actions displayed on video games, controversial rhythm or lyric of music, controversial contents of books and controversial issues on religion and philosophy.

Pornography is define as any form of media or materials that depicts erotic behaviour and is intended to cause sexual excitement. Cute pictures of children and babies can not be considered as pornography. However, these pictures may attract paedophiles to watch them. A paedophile is a person who is sexually arouse by small or prepubescent children and teenagers. A child molester is also called a paedophile. Pornography tends to exploit men, women and children in a distasteful manner.

Video games usually have a rating on the cover of the games. These rating are used to tell the age preference for the game thus preventing minors from buying these games. However, in Malaysia the ratings are simply ignored.


In music, certain songs have two versions, the first original is composed with 18+ lyrics while the other one is a censored and modified version of the song. Example: Original song ~ I Wanna F*** You by Akon ft. Snoop Dog Censored version ~ I Wanna Love You by Akon ft. Snoop Dog


Books such as magazines, comics or novels use the categorization system. Romantic novels, adult comics or adult magazines are example of pornography.


There are a lot websites in the internet that provide pornography to computer user.

Slander is a legal term for false and malicious statement (meaning knowing that it is false or reckless disregard that it was false) about someone. Slander in Malaysia tends to focus on political and religion issues and also racism statements. Slander is also known as:

i. Defamation ii. Calumny iii. Vilification iv. Libel (for written and published statement)

Political bloggers will usually commit slander by accusing other political parties about misuse and breaking the law. Radical religionist often times commit libel by publishing books that offend other religions using false statements and evidences. Certain unethical people will commit slander by writing certain statements in their website. These statements usually sentiments of racism that can led to racial riot.



Can lead to criminal acts such as exploitation of women and children Can lead to sexual addiction or perversion. Can develop low moral value towards other men, women or children. Can erode good religious, cultural and social beliefs and behaviour.

Can develop into a society that disregards honesty and truth. Can develop bad habit of spreading untruths and rumours. Can lead to unnecessary argument. Can cause people to have negative attitudes towards another person.


Computer users can use antivirus software that offers parental control to filter pornographic contents in the internet. Computer users can also use online internet filters such as CyberParents or NetNanny. Computer users can use the SafeSearch feature in search engine to not allow pornographic contents appear in the search list.

Computer users must report slanders in internet to the police. If the slander is committed in a blog, computer users must flag the blog and report it to the blog provider. Law enforcement can also render the slanderer fear and maybe stop his action. For now, slander against the government will resulted in 5 years of imprisonment and RM 100,000 fine or both according to the Defamation Act Revised 1983.


Controversial content is the information that causes dispute among people with different beliefs and values. Controversial contents such as slander and pornography can give effect to the society in the following manner:

Causes arguments and quarrels Can harm reputation of people. Lowers moral behaviour May exploit men, women and children Can lead to sexual addiction and crimes Erodes good religious, cultural and social beliefs and behaviour.


Controversial contents can be filter and control by the following methods:


filtering software Using online fitering services Using SafeSearch feature Report to the police Flag the contents


A man was arrested for committing rape, child molestation and distribution of pornography to public. Based on Sexual Crime Act and Computer Crime Act, the man was charged with 15 years of imprisonment and RM300,000 worth of fine. a. From the passage, explain briefly about pornography. b. What is term used to represent child molester. c. State two ways to filter and control pornography in the internet.

Acknowledgement First Team: Zhafran Husna Syahir