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Marketing Management

Group Members

Wajid Ahmed

Marium Issac

Qurat-ul-Ain Mumtaz
What is Marketing?
 Deals With Identifying & meeting
human and social needs.
 Meeting Needs Profitably
 The process of telling the public
about some of the things by
 Marketing is advertising.
What is Marketing
 Art and science of choosing target
 Getting, Keeping & Growing
customers through Creating,
Delivering & Communicating superior
customer value.
Managerial Marketing
 Managerial
- Deliver a higher standard of
- The art of selling products
Social Marketing
 Social
- A societal Process by which
individuals and groups obtain what
they need and want through
Creating, Offering & freely
exchanging products & services of
value with others.
What can Attract Buyers?
 Which clicks the mind “YES” it can
work for me.
 Made to be realizing a need can be
fulfilled by it.
 A need has to be felt in individuals
mind about the particular product.
An Executive Brand
 Cigars.
 Clothing
 Pipes.
 Auto Parts.
 Cigarettes.
 Fragrances.
 Leather goods.
 Glasses.
 Writing implements.
 Lighters.
 Timepieces.
 Jewelries.
 Alfred Dunhill, Ltd. is a British-based company.
 Was developed by Alfred Dunhill after he
inherited his father's saddlery business on
London's Euston Road.
 Dunhill, responding to the growing demand for
automobiles, developed a line of accessories
called "Dunhill's Motorities".
 This first collection included car horns and lamps,
leather overcoats, goggles, picnic sets and
 In 1967 Carreras acquired a 51% stake in the
 The company is currently owned by Richemont.
Abridged Timeline.
 1983- Converts into Dunhill’s Motorities.
 1903- dashboard clock, entry into the
timepiece arena.
 1905- Windshield pipe, to allow
comfortable smoking while driving
or cycling.
 1907- Retired from motorities business,
opened a pipe, cigar and tobacco
 1910- Opened a pipe factory.
 1915- The trademark was added to Dunhill's
 1921- Store opened in New York.
 1924- Store opened in Paris.
Abridged Timeline.
 1927- Launched the revolutionary
unique lighter. The first to be
operated using just one hand.
 1928- Began distributing the Namiki pen
 1936 - The iconic Facet timepiece, based
on Dunhill’s car head-lamp design
was launched.
 1941- Duke street store bombed during world
war II.
 1950- The store was extended & rebuilt. Recently
 1963- Manufacture of Dunhill brand cigarettes start.
 1985- 1st annual Alfred Dunhill cup Golf Tournament.
Abridged Timeline.
 2000- Dunhill Links golf championship
supersede Dunhill Cup.
 2005 Svile Row tailor Richard James,
Watchmaker Tom Bolt,
Casual- wear designer Nick
Ashley and leather-smith Bill
Amberg were brought on
board to help revitalize the
 2008 Dunhill anounces the appointment
of menswear designer Kim Jones as
Creative Director, a role
Dunhill has not offered before now.
Dunhill Hotel
 The historic Charlotte
Dunhill Hotel in
 Originally opened as
the Mayfair Manor in
 One of North
Carolina’s members of
Historic Hotels of
America and one of its
first luxury
 Half of the original 100
rooms were rented by
 Alfred Dunhill is a brand
which is rich, yet complex
in its perception.
 It began with the dream of
one man- Alfred Dunhill-
 The quintessential English
investor. Obsessed with
detail, fanatical about
quality and craftsmanship,
 His talent lay in creating
exquisitely designed,
ingenious accessories for
the perfect gentleman.
Dunhill With Tobacco
 In 1907, Alfred
Dunhill opened his
first tobacco shop
on Duke Street,
 Dunhill and
Cubatabaco began
discussing the
possibility of
producing a cigar
brand bearing the
name of Dunhill.
Dunhill With Tobacco
 DUNHILL cigarettes
are a luxury brand of
cigarettes made by
the B.A.T co.
 Exported mostly
throughout Europe,
South Asia, South
Africa, New Zealand
and Australia.
 One of the most
expensive and
luxurious cigarette
brands available,
 Owned and operated
by R. J. Reynolds
 Pride themselves on
providing a service of
exceptional quality
and certainly their
process is both highly
 Over 2,000 fabrics to
choose from.
 The cost of a shirt
starts at around £200,
depending on the
fabric chosen.
 Four years ago,
Dunhill menswear
was launched
 Saville Row tailor
Richard James, who
helped design the
new Dunhill
menswear style.
 Wearing one of
these suits says
that you have style
and know your way
in the world.
 These are suits
that define
themselves as
powerful and
Dunhill In India
 UK-based luxury brand has made its
entry in the Indian market by
opening its first concept store in the
capital. Specializing in high-end
 leather goods , lighters, fragrances,
writing instruments and accessories
for men, the brand’s history goes
back as far as 1893
Leather Goods
 Dunhill Attaché-
case. € 525.00

 Computer Case EURO 1,335.00

 Dunhill Wallet
14CC FP1250

Leather Goods
 Dunhill Wallet US$330.00

 Dunhill Travel Wallet


 Dunhill Wallet
Dunhill Fragrances
 Dunhill Desire Blue
 Launched by the
design house of Alfred
Dunhill in 2002
 A distinctive sensual
& seductive fragrance
 Top notes: bergamot
lime neroli & apple
Middle notes:
patchouli rose & teak
 Base notes: vanilla $53.50
Dunhill Fragrances
 Desire by Dunhill is a
fresh oriental woody
man's fragrance.
 Desire for men by
Dunhill is a masculine
scent blended
 Warm and sensual
fruits and wood with
vanilla and musk.
 Launched in 1997
US $ 55.00
Dunhill Fragrances
 X-Centric by Alfred
 A fresh woody and
fruity man's.
 X Centric combines
fresh grapefruit
 Citron zest with fruit.
 Amber musk, US $ 75.00
cinnamon, patchouli
and sandalwood.
 Launched in 2002
Dunhill Pursuit
 Created for the man
who lives life without
 A woody oriental
 With top notes of
bergamot and
mandarin that fade to
smouldering base
notes of sandalwood,
patchouli, vanilla and
$ 60.00
 This fragrance is
exotic and masculine.
Launch Date: 2007
Don’t Worry Ladies
 Dunhill does not
disappoint any body.
 We have targeted
ladies as well.
 Desire Women
Perfume by Alfred
 Kind of fragrance that
soothes away the
stresses of the day
and helps you feel Launched in 2003 US $ 50.00
cool, calm and
Desire for Women
 Dunhill Desire by Alfred
Dunhill for Women.
 smooth and tactile and
topped by the cool
elegance of the silver
 Feel the inspiration of the
sea through the sheer
notes of orange flower,
amber crystals and lotus.
 A blend of fresh lemon and
jasmine with vanilla, cedar
wood, sandalwood and
sexy musk.

US $ 55.00
Dunhill Edition.
 Dunhill Edition by Dunhill
for Men
 Launched in 2003
 Let zesty basil and freesia
notes combined with cedar
wood make you feel
 A woody oriental fragrance
with top notes of bergamot
and mandarin that fade to
smouldering base notes of
sandalwood, patchouli,
vanilla and cedarwood.

US $ 125.00
US $ 32.00 US $ 60.00

US $32.50 US $ 55.00
The Presence in the Middle
 An Expansion Strategy in the Middle East.
 With the aim of further enhancing its
visibility in key markets in the region.
 Starting with its strategic partnership with
Rivoli group in UAE in 2001.
 Been marketing through a global network
of over 160 stores.
 1,500 authorized dealers located in 50
Threats from
 Davidoff
 Deals in
Glasses etc.
History of Davidoff
 Zino Davidoff was born on March 11, 1906 in
Russian Empire.
 He was the eldest of four children born to Jewish
tobacco merchant, Henri Davidoff.
 1911 for a better life and opened their own
tobacconist shop in 1912.
 He went to Latin America to learn about the
tobacco trade, spending time in such places as
Argentina, Brazil, and finally Cuba where he spent
two years working on a plantation and first
encountered Cuban cigars.
 Returning to Switzerland around 1930, he took
over his parents' shop.

For Women
For Women

For Men For Men

For Men
The End
Thanx Very

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