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HTML Index

1. Essential HTML 2. Working with Text 3. Presenting And Arranging Text 4. Working with Images

5. Links & Lists

6. Creating Tables 7. Working with Frames 8. Working with Multimedia 9. Working with CSS 10.Essential Java Script

11. Creating HTML Forms and HTML Controls

1. Essential HTML About HTML File?

An HTML file is a text file containing small markup tags The markup tags tell the Web browser how to display the page An HTML file must have an .htm or .html file extension An HTML file can be created using a simple text editor HTML documents are text files made up of HTML elements called as HTML tags .

History of HTML

The first person to actually use the word hypertext was Ted Nelson in the 1960s. Was he a computer expert? No, his specialties were philosophy and sociology. Ted Nelson originally came up with and idea for a system he called Xanadu (www.xanadu.net ) ,which allowed non sequential text access.
The idea was a simple one- words or phrases in what Ted Nelson called a hyperfile would bring up associations with other words or phrases in he same or other documents. The idea was that hypertext would be a fully interconnected ways to skip around as the thought took you. In this way, Nelson created what he called the hyper world.

What are HTML Editors

AdobePageMill (http://adobe.com)
Allaires HomeSite (www.allaire.com) Amaya (www.w3.org/Amaya) HotMetalPro (www.softquad.com) Microsft FrontPage ( www.microsoft.com) NetScapeComposer (www.netscpae.com) BBEdit (www.barebones.com)

Viewing a web page

Alis Technology Tango (www.alis.com)
Amaya (www.w3.org/Amaya)

HotJava (http://java.sun.com/products/hotjava/)
Lynx (www.lynx.browser.org) Microsoft Internet Explorer (www.microsoft.com/ie/) NetscapeNavigator (www.netscape.com) Opera (www.operasoftware.com)

Generalized HTML Syntax :

<HEAD> title, meta, framesets, javascript, css, base tag, </HEAD> <BODY> text styles, alignment of text, images, lists, links, tables, multimedia, html controls and java script events </BODY> </HTML>

<META> Giving more information About your web page

Purpose : One very common use for the <META> element is to include keywords that search engines will store to help people find ur page .
For example, if u want to search for the keywords java, html, how to design html page,etc we can do that with a name/ value pair by setting the Name attribute to keywords and the Content attribute is key words to search

<META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT=" java, html, how to design html page">


Result < > & " '

Description non-breaking space less than greater than ampersand quotation mark apostrophe

Entity Name &nbsp; &lt;


cent pound yen section copyright registered trademark multiplication division

C &gt; h &amp; a &quot; &apos; (does not work in IE) r a &cent; c &pound; &yen; t &sect; &copy; e &reg; r &times;

<BODY> Creating A web pages Body

BACKGROUND - for images BGCOLOR for colors

LEFTMARGIN should be pixel values

MARGINHEIGHT MARGINWIDTH RIGHTMARGIN Specifies the right margin, the empty space to the right of the document, in pixels SCROLL Specifies the right margin, the empty space to the right of the document ; can be YES ( default ) or NO TEXT Color of the text in the document,. *