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Know God, Yourself, Your Ministry, Your People By LaVerne Adekunle Dedicated to Pastor Amare of Giants in the Making

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Leaders Heart
Why we are called to be a Leader? Do you know where you

are going? Do you have not just the vision, but the true Truth of His call and Way? We have to know where we going before leading others to it! Christ and His precepts are the source, and we follow the path by example, nurture and service with faith, fruit, character and maturity so others can partake of His blessings. We have to know, and to do this, we have to grow. If we are not growing in the faith, we are useless and unable to lead or equip others. We will need teaching/coaching as we continue grow.

Guarding the Pastor/Leaders

If you are a pastor and or leader you must ask yourself

this question, am I running on fumes, is my tank empty? You have to be open to rest and good health. Stress related health issues are very real. Consider an assistant. Spend time sharing your likes so he or she can assist you.

Pastor's /Leaders Prayer

Pray More! Do you feel suitable for ministry? If not,

what is in the way, or what are you not doing? Work on meditation and or affirmations.

Checkup List
How is your ministry going? Really? Have you ever

thought about taking a self-assessment to see how you are doing so you can honestly find out if your daily activities, relationships, and teaching are meeting the needs of the people?

"Preparing for our Leadership roles with the right

mindset of what is really important in life and ministry, and that pleases and glorifies the Lord.

How to be a Good Pastor/ Leader!

"Preparing for our Pastoral/Leadership Lives with a

good mindset. The key to building and leading a healthy church or organization is to be a good and healthy pastor (and leader)! Yet, so few of us in ministry take this seriously or make this a priority! We tend to chase trends and our personal agendas and not pursue HIM! We cant undervalue good mental and physical health.

Time Management for Pastors/Leaders

Managing the Pastor's/Leaders to maximize results.

Leaders need a system to keep him/heron track so to manage the ministry effectively. To do this effectively, we need to have a schedule! Why? Just to see all that is on our plate in ministry as well as personal life and how to juggle it, control it, and do the best for His glory!

The Power of Words

Are you willing to improve your preaching/speaking?

What about your words? When we speak, and whether we use a pulpit or not, we are the "vessels" of Christ on earth-His ambassadors and representatives. In addition, we have been given the stewardship of a special call to proclaim His precepts in truth. In so doing, we are to teach in His power, in clarity, and in genuineness with passion and conviction. We need to make sure our words are edifying and never condescending or evil. Because, when we speak, we want to lead others to Christ.

Managing our Personal Pastoral/Leader Lives

How well do you manage your personal life? Is it with

godly terms? Major study of some startling statistics... Setting Boundaries as Pastors? Do you think you need to set boundaries as a pastor?

Avoiding Burnout
Burnout for pastors/leaders is perhaps one of the main

reasons why we quit and leave the ministry. But we can prevent this! Learn to take a sabbatical, visit a retreat, spend a weekend regularly away from the routine.

Understand the People

With mental issues and or personality disorders on the rise in

this era, spend time studying this subject so that it empower you how to deal with these types of people. Mental illness is any disease or condition that influences the way a person thinks, feels, behaves, and/or relates to others and to his or her surroundings. Consider Personal Development classes to keep your ministry engaged in a positive environment. Learn how to deal with type A Personality people. Identify your leaders and supporters. Help the needy. Tie your events into community events as you brand the ministry in the community as a relevant ministry. Promote, Promote, Promote it brings the souls to you!

Thanks for watching my presentation

By.LaVerne Adekunle