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Info taken mainly from various emails received

A lot of trouble would disappear if only people would learn to talk to one another instead of talking about one another.....

When people walk away from you, let them go. Your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you. It doesn't mean they are bad people. It just means that their part in your story is over.. !

People nowadays are like Bluetooth. If you stay close they stay connected. If you go away they find new devices.

Always welcome your problems.... Because problems gives you dual advice..

Firstly, you can know how to solve them. Secondly, you learn how to avoid them in future. Have faith in GOD and yourself.

Reflection cannot be seen in boiling water.

In the same way, truth cannot be seen in a state of anger.

Analyze before you finalize.

Success is like a beautiful lover

It will leave us at anytime,

But Failure is like a mother It will teach us some important lessons of life!

It is so easy to hurt someone, say Sorry and forget it.

Why is it so difficult to get hurt, say "Its Alright and forget it? Use the same Yardstick!

A good heart and a good nature are two different issues

A good heart can win many relationships,

A good nature can win many good hearts.

When a TOUCH could HEAL a wound

When Eyes could SPEAK volumes

When a SMILE can confirm I AM THERE then why do we need words to say I LOVE YOU.'

Past is Experience. Present is Experiment. Use your Experience from your Experiment to achieve your future results.

Have a nice day! Keep smiling.

Human Life would be perfect if... Anger had a STOP button Mistakes had a REWIND button Hard Times had a FORWARD button and Good Times a PAUSE button

The bird asked the bumblebee:

"You work so hard to make the honey and humans just take it away, doesn't it make you feel bad?"

"No," said the bee, "because they will never take from me the art of making it."

What stands behind us and what stands before us are tiny matters compared to what is within us.

The happiness of our lives depends on the quality of our thoughts. But the quality of our thoughts depends on the people in our lives.

We receive a lot of unconditional love when we're born. We receive a lot of unconditional respect when we die. We just need to learn how to handle the between...

An old Cherokee Legend, this is a story about a grandfather teaching his grandson about life, and this story has endured through countless centuries, and always true, even today...

A Tale of Two Wolves...

An old Cherokee Legend, this is a story about a grandfather teaching his grandson about life, and this story has endured through countless centuries, and always true, even today...

Limiting Ourselves In Comfort Zones

We are basically unlimited beings. But we limit ourselves in many comfort zones. We have a lot of conditionings which, in reality, are mental. Some mosquitoes were put in a box and they kept jumping a lot. The box was covered from the top and each time they jumped they hit the top of the box, and when they jumped too close to the right or the left they hit the sides of the box. Slowly, to avoid harming themselves, they learned to jump just under the cover and without reaching the sides of the box. One day all the four sides of the box were opened. The mosquitoes were free, but they kept on jumping as far as the limit they had learned. The physical limits were no longer there. But they had become conditioned mentally.

Given below are some conditionings under which we work, because of which we do not experience complete freedom. * Beliefs, acquired since our childhood, which limit us. (Including the Religious One according to our level of our understandings) because all the religious teachings are expressed only to achieve the highest goal. * The negative images of low self esteem that we have created of ourselves. * The damaging thoughts of doubt, which does not let the highway of trust to build up inside ourselves and does not allow the creative energy of positivity to flow from inside us to the outside. * The fear of failure or not being to able to succeed completely. A lot of times the fear exists due to past experiences of failure or not having succeeded as much as you would have liked.

We need to become aware of what our pattern of thoughts is, which brings us under the negative influence of mental conditionings. When that happens, we will be able to become free of these conditionings. While we do not become aware, we will continue to remain under its influence.

'If God is for us, who can be against us?'

(Romans 8:31) Personal Reflection

How absurd it is for anyone to think of the above line (as if in preparation for a external war) when everything and anything in the universe is part of God. God is ALL THERE IS; there is nothing else besides God. This saying and many other numerous so-called sayings on God can only be coined by religious leaders and writers subsequent to Jesus time to brainwash their followers. In those days with science at its infancy, did the people understand what God is or its creation? Even today I could not reconcile the logic of Gods conditional love with the idea of hell, nor God-given freewill to humans with the idea of sins

and punishment. There was so much emphasis on the Ten Commandments, yet they condemned and killed nonbelievers and were the cause of what the Muslim extremists are now doing.

What is God? Can anyone claim to know God? God is a term coined by humans to refer to an unknown entity that is beyond human comprehension. God is not a super human being nor any form of PHYSICAL being. God is ALMIGHTY and can never be damaged by anything in the universe. It is absurd to even imagine that God or any of the Trinity of God could be crucified by mere mortal beings! Jesus cannot be the ONLY begotten son as claimed by Christianity to boast that its religion had the only God and hence was the only true religion. But like every human being, Jesus was a child of God. Jesus learned Buddhism and became an accomplished yogi. A yogi can perform many acts beyond a normal person.

Those who re-enact the crucifixion of Jesus, in Philippines, do it of their own freewill. They might try to use the power of belief to lessen their pain. Gods domain is the spiritual dimension, the Soul of God, the Reality of God, and that is where we always are spiritually. We are never separated from the Soul of God. Each of us do not have a separate soul. In human language, many terms and phrases are used to refer to God and these various terms mean the same thing. Our human body and mind with the universe are initially the first creations of God. These are referred to thereafter as created reality, entirely different from the Reality of God.
The Reality of God may be regarded as our Home, the source where we are eternally. We are recreated for reincarnation each time our body and mind are returned to earth after so-called human death. So human death and birth

can be said to be the same thing. This is why the Upanishad (Gita) said that we are never born and will never die. The Soul (i.e. God) is eternal. We are always Home with God. The Soul is our Life, and so is everything we see in our created reality. Yes, we can truly say we are One with everything in life in the created reality, both the visible and the invisible. Yes, God is truly ALL THERE IS.
In the Reality of God, there is no right and wrong, no good and bad, no reward and punishment. It is only in human world where humans have created the duality concept which includes sin, hell, Satan, last judgment, fear, failure, etc. that such imperfection became a created reality. Humanity has been brainwashed to dream and to chase that dream. This is to create the reality of physicality to reinforce human egoism on the desire of materiality. This is how human life becomes imperfect. The Soul is absolute

and is perfect. Our higher Self which is God within us is always perfect whereas our lower self (the false ego in our subconscious mind) is imperfect. God is impartial. God helps those who help themselves by their own efforts and merits. God gives us the freedom and the freewill to allow us to express and experience the consequences of our actions and to walk our own destiny. Every path leads to the mountaintop. No religion is the only true religion and no people are the chosen people. God sends us guardian angels to guide us by prompting us but it is our freewill that has the final say and that makes us unique in our own way. Negativity does not exist in Gods reality. But as human beings with body and mind, we are subject to the universal law of energy, of action and reaction, of cause and effect or religiously known as karma.

Whatever we do unto others (even with our speech) will be done unto us. This was what Jesus said even though Christianity did not accept karma or reincarnation. Does this not indicate that Jesus was preaching Buddhism that he studied (as a normal person) while in India and Tibet. Karma are the consequences of energy, and not the punishment of God. Consequences can be either favorable or unfavorable. But never think of rewards for all your kind deeds.
Buddhism teaches non-attachment to this life and to everything in this world including non-attachment to things, places or persons. Attachment leads to craving which in turn brings pain and suffering. Look at the young people on the MRT trains, sitting side by side, completely engrossed with their handphones! Buddhism suggests walking the middle way, not to be in excessive but in moderation. Although there is no right and wrong, but we do and can

make mistakes. To sustain life, things either work or do not work. Mistakes do give us experience, enable us to learn and to improve further. That is the continuing process of human evolution. Evolution does not end.

Life is truly beautiful. There is nothing to fear. Human death is just a transition to a new chapter in human life. All other negativism is just an imagination of the human mind. Things are just what they are but humans do not perceive them that way. They are meant to be used and enjoyed. Science and technology have advanced in leaps and bounds but spirituality is lacking far behind. Unless something is done to awaken humans, who, according to Anthony de Mello in his book Awaken, are born spiritually asleep, grow up spiritually asleep, marry spiritually asleep and die spiritually asleep. The only concern right now is that certain groups of human

beings who, because of their ego, can do untold harm and atrocious damage to humanity and bring about an undesired change in evolution or even kill the entire human race. The largest of such groups is in organized religions with their large followers. The religious leaders, in their efforts to retain followers, will undoubtedly preach on sins and punishment in hell, removing followers freedom of worship and creating fear in their life. This is what Christianity is good at. They fabricated mythologies and any unexplained phenomena are attributed to mystery, miracle or due to lack of faith. They have even condemned certain sex as sinful when God created sex as a joyful act of love. Christianity have turned some of their organizations into money-making machines with their collection of tithes and donations. Then there are the Buddhist monks, displaying their handphones and sitting in big cars, who charge deceaseds relatives exorbitant fees for funeral services.

Next comes certain doctors and pharmacists who are obsessed with greed and promise of wealth from pharmaceutical companies, encouraging patients to go for chemotherapy, sending patients to unnecessary mental agony and physical pain in their dying days instead of prescribing natural effective remedy. The companies are making tons of money more than others combined. This is a well known fact. The third group are the politicians and their staunch supporters obsessed with greed and power, acting arrogantly, placing themselves as masters earning obscene high pay instead of being servants of the public. The fourth group are the elders and parents who brain- washed and pressurized their young to be among the best, thinking this is the sole purpose of human life. A.S. Neills book, Summerhill, said that Every child has a god in him.

Our attempts to mold the child will turn the god into a devil. The final group are those of the rest of humanity who think they know all there is to know, etc. and thus close their mind to new understanding and information. They even tell the others to use their brains to think. This has resulted in the write-up of this Personal Reflection, thinking of what they have said. This group has shallow understanding, just staying alive but only to exist from day to day and hence need to use their brains to think for themselves on how to live. It is probably the human ego of the various groups above (perhaps may not apply to every individual one of them) that pushes them to where they are. They should listen to the words of Jesus, What doth it profit a man if he gains the whole world and suffers (allows) the loss of his own soul. He also said, Blessed are the meek in spirit. For them is the

Kingdom of Heaven. No sheep will ever be lost.

The difference between a selfish person and a selfless person is that the selfless person does not live in his ego. Only then can he be truly humble. As stated earlier on, there is no right and wrong and no good and bad. Nobody will be judged and be punished in hell. Have no fear. You only bear the consequences of your human actions. As a human, you either have a smooth path to the mountaintop, or a rugged path with high peaks to climb, or any path in between. You cannot die but may have to reincarnate to start anew each time. The choice is yours. Is this the Truth? These are my observations as I perceive Life based on my perspectives. They are not to be taken as judgments as no offence is intended for anyone. But there will always be

others who think otherwise. What they think or say is none of my business. It only reflects on themselves. This is MY truth but it may not be yours. Jesus said, The Truth is within each of you. Seek within and the Truth can set you free. The wise sayings of Jesus normally focus on the internal of human beings. Have a nice day! William P.S. I was a Roman Catholic convert while still in a mission school in 1958, and was a knight of the Blessed Sacrament. In 1964, I stopped going to Church and since then, I was free from fear of sins and hell. This is my experience and I am always grateful to God for it. Feel free to send in your observations.