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The Multidimensional Data Model

Introduction to MDDM

The multidimensional data model is an integral part of

On-Line Analytical Processing, or OLAP. Why was MDDM Developed?? The Dimensional Model was Developed for Implementing data warehouse and data marts. MDDM provide both a mechanism to store data and a way for business analysis.


The two primary component of dimensional model are Dimensions and Facts. Dimensions:- Texture Attributes to analyses data. Facts:- Numeric volume to analyse business.

What are all these??

What is Multidimensional Data? What is this Data, and Dimensions we are talking about???


Category Weight All retailing All food All non-food Department stores Textile, clothing and footwear Household goods stores Other stores Non-store retailing 100 17.3 41.4 7.0 11.7 8.2 14.5 41.3 Year on Contribution year to year on year growth % growth % points 8.7 27.1 4.5 1.3 0.5 25.3 1.9 8.7 1.2 -23.5 -1.7 -6.6 -0.9 9.1 3.7

How is this data arranged? DATA CUBE DIMENSIONAL MODEL

Data is grouped or combined together in multidimensional matrices called Data Cubes.

In Two Dimension : Ex: row & Column or Products & Regions.

In Three Dimension:-

Regions, products and

fiscal quarters.

Operations in Multidimensional Data Model:

slice and dice, drill down, roll up, and pivot.

Slice is the act of picking a rectangular subset of a cube by choosing a single value for one of its dimensions, creating a new cube with one fewer dimension.[5]

Dice: The dice operation produces a sub-cube by allowing the

analyst to pick specific values of multiple dimensions.

Drill Down/Up
allows the user to navigate among levels of data ranging from the most summarized (up) to the most detailed (down).


allows an analyst to rotate the cube in space to see its various faces.
For example, cities could be arranged vertically and products horizontally while viewing data for a particular quarter. Pivoting could replace products with time periods to see data across time for a single product.[5

Why is MDDM important??

Because.OLAP implements Multidimensional Data model.

MDDM also provides faster ways of data retrieval . The simplicity of the model is inherent because it defines objects that represent real-world business entities. Analysts know which business measures they are interested in examining, which dimensions and attributes make the data meaningful, and how the dimensions of their business are organized into levels and hierarchies.

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