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Embarking on Online Sales Channel

GROUP 3 : Aditya Dutta - 2012066 Ankit Jha - 2012070 Aparna Vohra - 2010072 Himanshu Jain - 2012078 Kunal Parmar - 2012085 Rachit Jain - 2012097 Shubham Agnihotri - 2012108 Sunny Kohli - 2012117

Decision stakeholders :
CELIA Fiorni the President of G.W.Pergault Inc. has a vision for E-Commerce and wants the company to adopt an online sales model parallel to the existing sales channel managed by its 15 salesperson under sales manager Ken Sulton

Customer and Product Portfolio:

G.W Pergault is a supplier of MRO products selling pipe fittings, light bulbs, ladders and other products B2B sales having small accounts contributing to 20 percent revenue and large accounts contributing to 80 percent revenue.

The decision : Reduction in sales through sales reps since its inefficient , error prone and time consuming. Online sales channel would leverage technology for a better customer experience according to President. Constraints: Sales rep support Shift to the new sales channel Technology adoption Customer training

Advice for successful E commerce implementation :

Implement Sales 2.0 leveraging the Web 2.0 technological benefits. Design website which is interactive.
Do a customer account study and identify preference of a Online or a Catalogue Sales model. Gain sales force support by highlighting the benefits of Online Sales channelkey enablers in providing knowledge transition and sales support to the customers. Todays consumers live multi-dimensional, multi-platform lives and their buying behaviours reflect that same complex dynamic. Discuss new roles and responsibilities and performance incentives for the Sales-force which would come up as a result of online sales channel . Also highlight profitability and operational efficiencies as a result of the move. Design new commission / reward schemes for a successful move of a customer from catalogue to online mode brought about by a sales rep . Reward schemes for new customer acquisition needs to be in place. Eg :Macys Store

Ken Sutton Course of action to make Sales force more receptive to Online Sales Channel:
Sales force informed about the companys move and acquaint them with the benefits it would bring about to the company and to them. Sales force involved actively in improving the websites functional aspects ,given requisite information about new selling process. Discuss alternative reward/commission schemes and remove their skepticism that they would not be required post the move. Discuss new roles/responsibilities coming their way post the move- increased focus on new customer acquisition, exploring cross sell up sell opportunities to new customers.

All of these are necessary for the sales force to endorse the online channel effectively to the customers.