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Chapter 7

Planning The Sales Call Is A Must!

Learning Objectives
1. Explain the importance of sales call planning 2. identify the 4 planning steps in order and be able to understand them 3. learn to develop a customer benefit plan Describe the prospects 5 mental steps in buying

Reasons for Planning the Sales call

1. planning aids in building the self-confidence 2. it develops an atmosphere of goodwill between the buyer and the seller 3. it reflects professionalism 4. it generally increases sales


Steps in the Preapproach: Planning the Sale

Determine sales call objective

Develop customer profile

Develop customer benefits

Develop sales presentation

Sales call objective

A sales call must move systematically toward a sale
Focus and flexibility Make the goal specific Move toward your objective Set an objective to every call SMART

Develop Customer Profile

Customer profile develop insights It can be a guide for determining the appropriate strategy to use in contacting customers Proper information helps in making/developing customized presentation


Information Used in Profile and Planning Customer Profile and Planning Sheet

1. Name:__________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________________ 2. Type of business:_________________________________________ Name of buyer: 3. People who influence buying decision or aid in using or selling our product:

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Buying hours and best time to see buyer: Receptionists name: Buyers profile: Buyers personality style: Sales call objectives: What are customers important buying needs:


Information Used in Profile and Planning

10. Sales presentation:

a. Sales approach: b. Features, advantages, benefits: c. Method of demonstrating FAB: d. How to relate benefits to customers needs: e. Trial close to use: f. Anticipated objections: g. Trial close to use: h. How to close this customer: i. Hard or soft close: 11. Sales madeproduct use/promotional plan agreed on:

12. Post sales call comments (reason did/did not buy; what to do on next call; follow-up promised):

Customer Benefits
It contains the nucleus of the information used in your sales presentation. It should be developed to the best of your ability Step 1- select the features, advantages and the benefits of your product to be presented Step 2 develop your marketing plan Step 3 develop your business proposition Step 4 develop a suggested purchase order based on a customer benefit plan


Examples of Topics Contained in the Marketing Plan Segment of a Sales Presentation



Sales Promotion

Geographical National Regional Local Co-op Type Television Radio Direct-mail Internet

Contests Coupons Demonstrations Samples Sweepstakes POP displays Sales force Working with their salespeople Trade Shows


Examples of Topics Contained in the Marketing Plan Segment of a Sales Presentation


Availability Delivery Guarantee Installation

Maintenance/se rvice Training on use Warranty

Who does it? When? How?


Examples of Topics Contained in the Business Proposition Segment of a Sales Presentation

End-Users List price Shipping Costs Discounts Cash Quantity Financing Payment plans Interest rates ROI Value analysis

Resellers List price Shipping costs Discounts Cash Consumer Quantity Trade Financing

Payment plans Interest rate

Markup Profit


Major Phases in a Presentation: A Sequence of Events to Complete in Developing a Sales Presentation

Rapport-building Uncover needs Attention, interest, transition Features Advantages Benefits How to resell (for reseller) How to use (for consumers and industrial user)

1. Approach

2. Fully discuss your product

3. Present your marketing plan


Major Phases in a Presentation: A Sequence of Events to Complete in Developing a Sales Presentation

Whats in it for your customers?
Recommend what to buy in order to fill their needs uncovered in the presentation

4. Explain your business proposition

5. Suggested purchase order

6. Close

Ask for the business!

7. Exit

Do not give up! Act as a professional Leave the door open


The Prospects Five Mental Steps in Buying