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Credit Cooperative one that promotes thrift among its members and creates funds in order to grant loans

s for productive and provident purposes. Members a promise upon joining of saving 5% of their income for the cooperative Consumers Cooperative one whose primary purpose is to procure and distribute commodities and provide services to members and sometimes non-members. May take the form of a store or mini-grocery or a resto

Producers Cooperative one that undertakes joint production of agricultural or industrial products Marketing one that engages in the supply of production inputs to members and markets their products Service Cooperative one that engages in medical and dental care, hospitalization, transportation, insurance, housing, labor, electricity, communication

Multi-Purpose Cooperative combines two or more of the activities present in other coops Entrepreneur Worker Cooperative the owners are also the members. A target market is the object of distribution of the products

Split by membership and by territory In terms of membership; primary, secondary and tertiary Primary natural persons. Can admit associate mo embers (no oting power) Secondary grp of primary coops, ex. Federations Tertiary secondaries upward to >1 apex organizations

Territorial Scope in terms of territory, coops are categorized according to their areas of operations

To sue and be sued in its cooperative name To exercise the right of succession To exercise the powers provided for in the Code To purchase, receive, take or grant, hold, convey, sell, lease, pledge, mortgage, and otherwise deal with such real and personal property as the transaction of the lawful affairs of the coop

To accept and receive grants, donations, and assistance from foreign and domestic sources To exercise such other powers grated by the Code

Fifteen or more natural persons who are Filipino citizens can start. Foreigners, therefore cannot organize a primary cooperative Economic Survey intended coops feasibility. Contains a general statement describing the structure, purposes, and economic feasibility of the proposed cooperative

Limited liability the financial liability of a cooperative does not exceed its subscribed share capital Terms of Existence of Cooperatives can exist for a maximum of 50 years at any one grant of juridical existence, extendible for another 50 Articles of Cooperation lay down the corporate identity of the coop

By-laws lay down the rules by which the cooperative will and must operate Method for net surplus distribn Qualifications for membership A conciliation mechanism for disputes Registration gives the coop its juridical personality

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