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1.- Games have an ________________. We are successful when we reach the goal. ___________________ explain how the game is played. 2.- Some games are played ________________ and some are played in pairs or _____________ . teams Individually Rules Objective Fun

3.- Some games are educational and some are for entertainment but the most important element
of a game is that they are ______________ .

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Communication Breakdown
Communication is a process that starts with a sender who sends a Message in a specific language to a receiver and the receiver interprets the message. Communication is successful only if the message sent by the sender is interpreted correctly by the receiver. If something blocks

this process, the message will be destroyed. That is what we call a

communication breakdown. If you want to improve your communication skills in English, it is useful to know that English is not always pronounced the same way that it`s written. Here are three useful hints. Hints one: Sometimes we eliminate the verb TO BE when we speak. This affects the rest of the sounds because the letter T and letter Y become CH. Here are some samples of a spoken text and their written version. You readu need is love. What is your? What are you? Tell me what you want. What y You hear Whatcha? Whatcha? Tell me watcha want. Whatcha need is love.

Affirmative Contractions I`ve I`d I`ll I`d Negative Contractions I can`t I won`t I don`t I haven`t

Original two words I have I would I will I had Original three words I can not I will not I do not I have not

Remember that contractions are more common in spoken English conversations. It is acceptable to use the m in informal electronic communications, but avoid using them in all types of formal writing like letters, essays, and exams.

1.- When you speak English the words you ___________ can change the _______________ of a sentence. 2.- There are _____________ and negative contractions. 3.- Words in contractions usually have _________ syllable. 4.- We sometimes combine _____________ or three words to make them sound like one, for example, gonna (going to). 5.- Sometimes we _____________ the verb to be when we speak and letter T and letter Y become CH . For example: Whatcha doin? (What are you doing?)

1.- _________________ stress means that some words in a sentence are pronounced more than others. 2.- The words that are usually _____________ are content words, such as pronouns, nouns, and verbs. 3.- The words that are ____________ are function words such as determiners and auxiliaries. not stressed Sentence stressed

We are going to let you in on a secret! You can enjoy the delicious aroma of freshly baked bread with this easy-to-use machine. Before you could only enjoy freshly baked bread after many hours of baking but with this

machine you can bake 1 -,11/2 , and 2 pound loaves in less than an hour. Now you can
count on always having a freshly baked warm loaf ready to be sliced when you make up or when you come home. Just put the dough in the machine and it will be ready. It can handle your favorite recipes- from cinnamon raisin, honey wheat, rosemary, and cranberry oat, to hearty rye or classic French bread, even cinnamon rolls for breakfast or dinner rolls for the evening meal.

The machine features a user-friendly push-button control panel in the center with a digital
display for simple programming. You can choose from three crust shades-light, medium, or dark and from eight different functions for making a wide range of breads. Other thoughtful design details include a fruit-and-nut add-in signal bell, a viewing window, a removable lid, and a nonstick baking pan for quick cleanup. I couldnt get over the way freshly baked bread smells . Kate. The bread came out crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. George.

1.- When we talk about ability in the _______________ we use can. We use could in the __________________ . 2.- Phrasal ________________ can be separable or non separable. 3.- Phrasal verbs usually have a _____________ meaning from the verb alone.