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By: Reed Fujan

Serial Killer One of the great unsolved serial killers.

Police investigated over 2,500 potential suspects.

Roamed parts of Northern California. Between December 1968 and 1969.

December 20, 1968

Betty Jensen (16) and David Faraday (17) were parked on

Lake Herman Road in Vallejo, California. From 10:15-11:00 witnesses claimed nothing was unusual. Around 11:15 they were discovered lying outside their bullet-riddled car. Betty was dead at the scene and David was dead on route to the hospital.

July 4, 1969
Darlene Ferrin (22) and Michael Mageau (19) were

parked at the Blue Rock Springs Golf Course in Benicia around midnight (four miles from where Jensen and Faraday were shot). A car pulled up behind couples car. A man thought to be a cop, blinded the couple with a flashlight and began shooting. Both were shot.
Ferrin died before reaching the hospital.
Michael Mageau survived the attack (able to describe the


Sort heavy set man.

About 58
About 195 lbs.

At 12:40 a.m. an anonymous male caller called police

and reported the murder of Ferrin and Mageau. On the phone he took responsibility for Faraday and Jensens murder. Police traced the call to a phone booth located blocks from the police department (less than 1 mile from Darlene Ferrins home).

August 1, 1969

The Zodiac Killer sent a series of cryptic letters he sent

to the press and others. He disclosed his insanity which motivated the killings. Offered clues to future murder plots. This is where he adopted the name Zodiac. In one of the decoded letters he wrote, I like killing people because it is so much fun


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