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Sistem Penghantaran Obat Mutakhir (Advanced Drug Delivery)

Dr. Ahmad Kharis Nugroho, Apt. Dr.rer.nat. Ronny Martien C.M. Ratna Rini N., M.Pharm., Apt.

Drug delivery (system)?

Vehicle? Dosage form?

Ultimate goal of drug delivery ?

To deliver the active pharmacological ingredients to the site of action, safely, efficiently and effectively

2 aspects of controlled release

1. 2.

Spatial placement site specific targeting delivery Temporal delivery rate / time efficiency

Delivery design consideration

Disease/abnormalities determination Type and goal of therapy Criteria for ideal system Route of administration physiological condition Natural barrier anticipation Possibility of modification or combination of delivery

Points to concern
Challenges (read: barriers) of delivery Ideal system Technology development Critical factors

Type of drug delivery

Conventional drug delivery


- Continuous release

Advanced drug delivery

General purposes of study

To gain better understanding of advanced drug delivery To distinguish the delivery systems based on the unique mechanisms To identify the critical factors on the delivery system studied

Competence Indicators
Students can explain the role of drug delivery system in encouraging patientoriented therapy Students are capable to distinguish the advanced drug delivery systems based on the mechanism of delivery and release Students are able to identify the critical factors of the delivery systems learnt

Conscience to develop
The objectiveness in accessing information Critical and logical thinking The importance of communication and team work/collaboration spirit Self confidence to decide the right things Imagination leading to creativity

Compassion held
Willingly to contribute to the transfer of correct information about drug delivery system Highly motivated to design the drug delivery system which fully concerns on patients overall condition

Week I-II Agenda Nanotechnology delivery PIC Dr. Ronny Martien Dr. Ronny Martien Dr. Akhmad Kharis, Apt.


Nanotech on cancer chemotherapy strategies Transdermal delivery


Week Agenda Mid exam VIII-X Pulmonary and nasal delivery Iin, M.Pharm, Apt PIC to guide


Oral Modified Delivery

Iin, M.Pharm,Apt

Final exam

Schedule description
Dr. Akhmad Kharis, Apt. and Dr. Ronny Martien will teach on weekdays schedule for all classes Saturday classes are only carried out if Dr. Akhmad Kharis, Apt. is not available to give lectures on weekdays due to must-to-do agendas on Gadjah Mada University (there will be notification) Learning with Iin, M.Pharm will start after mid exam for 6 weeks

Distribution of assessment
I:K:R =50% : 25% : 25% Description of I mark:


exam : max 30 Assignment & presentation : max 20 (10 for presentation, 10 for discussion)

Learning together guided by bu iin

Activity class discussion

A class is divided into 9 groups@2 assignments Iin, M.Pharm:


drug delivery (3) Nasal delivery (1) Sustained delivery & Pulsatile delivery (2) Oral macromolecular delivery (3)

Iin, M.Pharm:

drug delivery (3) 2 meetings

and physiology of lung, lung natural defense and physical factors affecting drug disposition Design of pulmonary delivery system Exuberra review

delivery (1) 1 meeting


of nose and reason behind delivery Design of nasal delivery system Review on pulmonary and nasal delivery

delivery & pulsatile delivery (2) 1


Oral macromolecular delivery (3) 2 meetings (+review and reflection) Strategy to overcome enzymatic barriers Role of penetration enhancers Strategy to overcome efflux pump

Aspects to discuss

Concept of delivery

of either the anatomy and physiology of the site of action or the physiological barriers The purpose of the delivery system

The unique mechanism of the system What critical factors to concern and why?


Use slides of Power Point (use 3 slides/page no more than 8 pages) No plagiarism!!! If you refer to any articles or figures, always refer on a right manner (with acknowledgement) and the statement of only for learning purposes Handout should be copied and distributed at least one day before class If the handout needs to be revised, revision will be done after class

Recommended references

See the SPO folder on Filey!