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The term education is dried from the latin work educare Meaning to bringup T Train or to mould. According to this derivation education is the bringing up of the child in a desirable manner. Some educationists believe that the word education has been drived from the two words e and duo e Means out ott and duco means to Lead.

Education is the Natural harmonious and progressive development of means innate power -Pestalozzi Education is the development of all those capacities in the individual which will enable him to control his environment and fulfill his possibilities. -John Dewey

The changes that are occurring in the social and cultural life of the society as a result of impact of a advancements in the science based technology broadly described as Modernization. Since education is a multiple process. It influenced by the modernization in different ways. Due globalization and liberalization changes occurring in other parts of the world will also influence to education pattern of a country.

1. PAEDOCENTRIC Student is the focus of present day education systems. The interest is shifted from the subject matter is largely directed by the nature and needs of the Learner. The modern teacher considers each child as to a plant and helps the child to grow according to this abilities and aptitudes teacher helps the child to learn. In accordance with this trend, student is motivated to participate actively in the teaching learning process.


Modern education transformed the teachers red from a dictator to a friend of student. Teacher of to day is considered as a facilitator of learning whose waive duty is to prepare students for learning by enabling them to widely pt spate in the teaching learning process rather than simply spoon tending. The less the pipits rely upon the teacher the butler a successful teacher must enabled his to do without him. Psychological students have clearly revealed in it influence of classroom climate and atmosphere in to eruption of a fertile learning environment.

Modern education is activity entered we are currently giving wore emphasis to learning by doing . Curriculum of today is organized in terms of to tasks to be performed and goats to be reached rather than Trans of lessons to be earned this will provide knowledge and skills essential for leading a good life . Teachers have to motivated the children to do experiments search out fact for themselves and undertaken projects.

One of the most signification trends in todays school is it encouragement. Human advances come thought and intervention. through original

Creative education is a good medium to develop[ original thought intervention.

Education is sacking more community persecution for solving its problems. The presence of parent-teacher association in all most every educational instate is a good example for the community participation. Parents participation can also be elicited through solicited project and programmers. The result is that parents and teacher meet in small and large group to disuses their common prologs.

Technology exerts great indigence on education as a tool for teaching and learning. lost effectiveness of technology its based educational programmers is good when compared to the lost of traditional programs. Technology will health to teach to solve the emerging educational problems created by factors like grooving school population heterogeneity of pupils in schools rapid development of new information. Now days universities are charging to virtual university by fully utilizing the technological advancements for imparting knowledge.

universities and other educational organization has come out from glares towers for providing non formal education through like correspondence education distance education etc are gaining quittance among to youth.
Different from to past various of forms of non format. Education ect are gaining aquaplane among

In order to meet to challenges of gospels at ion education systems is restructuring to traditional programmers by integrating and correlating various subject for example. Traditional B.Sc Botany programmer has converted to applied botany in many instructions by way of integrating some aspects of biotechnology.

In to present situation talented student can do higher studies irrespective of to economic status. Doors of all elite universities in word are kept open for to talented young people and flexible education loans are available for meting to expense of education.

Because of multiple education goals comprehensive system of evaluation is being evolved. Latest method of evaluation are based on a vision of learning and well defined performance educational goals comprehensive systems of evaluation is being evaded. In addition to the conjunctives abilities other abilities one also evaluated in a more objective manner.

Lot of innovation one taking place in teaching and learning on a regular basis.

These innovations will help in intellectual development personal development and career development of the youth.

Class as a unit of teaching is disappearing as a result of the adventurer is instructional planning and evaluation of learning, teacher's realize the existence of widely different backgrounds, differences in student abilities and interest.
Hence to teacher's of today realize to need for presenting learning experience to suit individual difference existing among pupils by using the media and methods generated by educational technology.

Foreign universities one now attracting Indian students by offering job oriented programme. Since Indian universities. One still continuing the age old programmes and very much relevant to change according to the new trends in the international level. India has become a gold mine for the foreign universities.

Revolution of shifting to task of educating to young ones from parents to teachers and from homes to school and from Revolution of adoption of the written word as a tool of education. Revolution as a result of intervention of printing and availability of books and other teaching material. Revolution on account of development in electronics clarify involving radio, television, cassette recorder and computer and development of systems concept.

Education for all ie free and compulsory primary education and adult literacy. Teaching by learning (studying) the pupils. Activity a project control teaching Teaching-learning by a variety of techniques and aids. Teaching-learning a co-operative affair. Liberal as well as vocational learning. Due consideration to the individuality of the child. Use of electronic media in teaching-radio, TV teaching machines, computers, language laboratory etc.

Compensatory education for weaker students. Enrichment programmes for the gifted.

Educational and vocational guidance. Integration and correlation of subjects. Constructive, creative and social discipline.
Freedom for the child, no corporal punishment. New demands on teachers New modes of education correspondence distance one open.